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Topic subjectYou's A Stunner & Eyem A Sunner!
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88966, You's A Stunner & Eyem A Sunner!
Posted by Neophyte2Hierophant, Mon Jun-13-11 07:48 AM
They say shoot for the moon and aim for the star(s)!
But keep in meyend the Death Star's never solar!

Eye walked away unscathed and unharmed!
From the arm(s) of a blaque devil wizard veteran!

Abba YAHweh Rafa's meye first protection!
Then come's YAHoshua his second born son/sun!

Then his SPIRITS that are MASTERS from Orion!
Defenders of our UNIverse(s) like Voltron!

Did you ever see the gAWD when eye stare into the sun?
Eye never lost meye vision then eye must be alien!

Even though eye incarnated in a form!
Eyem like an ant farm or a killer bee swarm!

A pyramid or triangle is meye "lucky" charm!
But eye utilize the principle of CAUSATION!

Eyem a prodigal son/sun like Jet Lee eye be THE ONE!
Like Thundar or "LORDS OF LIGHT" a blaque swan!


Sword of omens eye hold you real tight!
Give me true sight beyond meye now sight! 4X's