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Topic subjectYou's A Fake Nuwaubian!
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88906, You's A Fake Nuwaubian!
Posted by Edutainment2Documental, Mon Jun-06-11 07:42 AM
7 plus second plus 74.
Meye physical degree in tepees eye explore!

Eye rob from the rich,but eye bless the prosperous.
Who be rich with the SPIRIT pappa-dah-POOR-LUST(S)!

YHWH eye invoke from meye esophagus!
YAH-HAH-SHOO-WAY eye evoke from meye esophagus!

Meye astrakhan be straight penetrating!
And deflecting the ray(s) of any Ghenghis Khan(s)!

What's your definition of a HOMO-say-peein(g)?
A HOMO-sex-you-"ALL",plus a phallic men-tell?

Under a spell from demonic(s) who fell.
Oonoo smell like dem "DEATH-STAR" SHESHKI hell!

Eyem channel live and UPTOWN like that brother Hell Rell!
Your dOWNTOWN like "KGB" or Latino cARTEL(S))!

Your "crud"e(s) sell(s) like some wi-fi Dell(s)!
Meye light avail(s) "ILLUMINATI" pre-vail(s)!


1. You's a fake nuwaubian.
2. You's a fake ass cherubim!
3. You's a fake nuwaubian!
4. eyem a strong BLAQUE SERA-PHIM!

4X'S Each With The Conjoined Four Lines!