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89376, RE: the'samewa
Posted by Babynoon, Wed Aug-10-11 08:44 PM
I'm not here cause of you
I was just writing in the beginning
thinking that's what I wanted
to exercise my thoughts

at a moment of stress
while love ones were
going through some
life issues

and I escaped by all means
an dragonte' was my mild
relief, but there were some
very weird or strange vibes
often and whatever

please learn how to forgive and
forget the same way you've delivered
in many ways

I am not seeking you or no one, but
learning how to be righteous and surround myself with those alike

again people
I do not care
who you are
who you are with
who you seek

or whatever

may this release
be the finish

I am so fine
with that.

only if you really knew

how I feel...we're
way off..mixed vibes.

and nothing never
started in the
first place
to have gone
to far.end the madness
with you.

Bless you-