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89375, RE: it's all love
Posted by tycho, Wed Aug-10-11 05:04 PM
keeping it clean
like a monthly tampon tampas
my life my dreams all bloody perhaps
can one relax
if one has no rights
no liberty
nobody listens to me
i cried no jobs
in the far future 4 me
it's destiny not child B
i'm wild like a blowing feather
caught up with the silent storm under
dragon fly wings can i be king behemoth
if the government have sovereign authority
claiming immunity for fuck ups
sitting bull bully boys bulling me
bonks adventure i'm not a ass kisser
or a brown noser
like the old day nigger
that's over
bond on slave ships where's harriet tubman?
i'm running
excellent like a shelby in open fields
whose tracking me
tired of people stealing from me
tired of being lonely
in the physical physically naw
i truely believe it's more mystical
dangurus named God's will
to do his will
is ill reasons
but i'm starved to death waiting
4 leaving behind bar B Q pits to the palace
no more malice
wuton and chicken beer nuts
even if i live in an igloo or a hut
i will return kicking enemy in the butt
like dropping cigar on curbs stump to
make believe
i have none rage i seek love
and righteousness and if it be what i envision
oh poor wicked nation
will be punished for what does scriptures say about people placing stumbling blocks in the way of his childern?

better to tie a mill stone around your neck and toss it into the see

i think we should have never started this but it's gone to far now we must finish.