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Topic subjectRE: where is the truth
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89150, RE: where is the truth
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jul-09-11 02:45 PM
whose stuck?
whose fuck?
here we both are;
one's a star that walks across the sky
painting golden bars the other drives a car asking why
has this happen; us meeting
in your hood
on your block
guns is intimidation to the frighten
why do you love fighting
eskimo pops
frozen in a drop
victimize i rub out the tears in a none believers eye
i won't even try to understand
what you got beyond the hand up you sleeve
a weave still swim
on the end of a jack ass comb threw with disbelief
so your a slave to a a five pointer green leaf
why do you play around sending e-mails
even hell is more friendly
to me i really don't care who your dating
if your married or not
what you eat ot how liars get shot
you know these conversations are like loose dirt that get washed away
today you conitue with gay jokes
but love can't be provoked
well is that why a few years ago you use to use k willis
a inside secret?

poor thing no help for the wicked for thay can't sleep until they make someone fall

please stop all the madness don't invole my personal stuff you can do what you want here but stop the e-mails and the rest because my chest is even and unlabor and you choke on half eaten confessions