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Topic subjectanti semitist
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89147, anti semitist
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sat Jul-09-11 10:42 AM
and I'm puzzled
picking up the

but dude has
a gun steal
shooting down
liars in his own
mirror seeing
a familiar face
him be still then
stand there

fore Vayaiah
has already repented
and you're still stuck
on butt breath
opening lines

for stains

I'm free
like it or leave it
came back to confess them
gold bars to the unseen hand
a poet of hidden agendas

still up to the same old skool

mary jane is my favorite pair
of shoes, very comfortable, very

so I walked off from the pain
and into the arms of the derranged
thought I seen heaven, but
it turned out to be satans
little boy trying to look like
a man in a skirt' being forgiving
one breath and back to anger.

Not looking for love or
for hate, but seems we all gain

whatever your purpose in my
little writers block club here
may it come in fruitation

cause I don't have a reason
to be stuck here
in front or on the
side of you

retracting yeah
I guess you were
my Biggest Biggest Biggest cannon deep
space inhaling no oxygen on mars
white flag no relief

that's ever
happened in my life
of all times

rather have 1000000 more rapes
and be more satisfied with it,
(the bleeding the stretch the rips and the screams)

than to be here or ever see
you again.....on okp shrugs

God Forbid.