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Topic subjectRE: startled not irrat,ated at all
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89146, RE: startled not irrat,ated at all
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jul-09-11 09:36 AM
fat ass liar liar
wearing ace pet detective mask;
skin tear micheal myers' only thing
brought bloody sheets bicycle pedals
women wakes heart broken can't see her feet peddling
on things one thing two things grim
i'm not a king
and i haven't said a thing
lifes cut throat
pagan's back to burning goats
then you must have never quit;
still tina dancing with marry jane
oh the pain and ike never
toss a fist

give me more of them love words
you say turd i rather use a word
a verb made flesh sword in palm cord
cut down fallen to the ground
unable to hang me from a tree
odin secret three day theory of knowledge key
of solomon; wolf din
you speak foot ball and i was kick in the shin
wheres dinner a date with kim

never mind looks kinda silver spook
didn'y ricky isn't that his name die?

reverse corners and upon eye's opening i have 30 seconds

tu te did you send the e-mail?
i do believe you did.