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Topic subjectlove prevails from the assholes squad: turd fest
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89133, love prevails from the assholes squad: turd fest
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Thu Jul-07-11 11:00 PM
geeez cheese whiz squeezed
spelled out of stink words
from rotten pipelines

Can we wash away this surface?
please enough of the funky stuff

over usage

yeah it's 'all love' Asiem
cause if it wasn't we came
here and there to explain
why we needed this divorce
of poetic hail storms while
dtales slept outside

I still brought him a blanket
and some miso soup

so yes'it is love
rough luh, but needed to be
an atomic time

back from the dead
and I guess kimberly
wondered where the king
has been for she'll never
meat him, but

she missed hymns.

tell tycho
thanx for the
weed, but I quit
smokin the same time
you did.


turd, am I that thing or
the ish I breeded once upon
a weedtime? just a str8 up
if I'm
annoying you
forreal let
a fat sista know
cause I'm
forever eating
chocolate cake
late at night
n sippin milkshakes
thinking about
loosing weight.

bless you