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Topic subjectRE: disrespected.
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88279, RE: disrespected.
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Apr-02-11 11:57 AM
obviously we have no respect for each other
and I'm not a desperate widow

needing some sperm illed person spilling all over
my clean area as you do

I don't want to know you or need to

trust me I am not on you and was only a blessing to even allow you to speak to me, but you blew a good roll of roseweed'

puff away the dragon'devil or bel
you're truly a diseased demon preying on souls to
inject your aids into

no thanks

I'm living good and healthy an saving myself for a righteous man, never meant for you to keep asumming you are the one.

keep dreaming'peace in the west.I'm out of it.

I won't tear if you disappear and quite thinking I'm lonely

I'm not at all'just enjoy drifting off from all the deep

needed the air'so to speak, but you've come with stink and I don't inhale rotten tuna well, never did never will.

You are nothing, but vomit to me now.I see you as 'vomit' your new name in my heart.

well I met 'vomit' and rather keep my man who smells 'clean' you're a very sick person.

seek help'seriously because I can't help you nor your poems, they are all ill in manner.

ps: shyt I use to play with you and exercise my writings as practice'development, but you was on some serious ish all along, get some help dude.

peace and love still

I forgive you, but seek help.