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Topic subjectskippie on warm homemade wheatbread a dab of sweetbudah.
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88259, skippie on warm homemade wheatbread a dab of sweetbudah.
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Thu Mar-31-11 10:43 PM
What I claim you know?
Usted sabe cuándo i sucio y necesario venir limpio'and that I'm really 350pounds of lovin

you accept me for my heaviness'now allow the time to burn some collardgreens'calories?lol

Sure have a way with what you need to do and if you may find the info@ the shelter there

bless you, but I'm known for buttery patience
and a gallon of icecream'all gone.

Appreciate your insight on how to let'wisdom in and the spirits collide

how about that collabo.....

in about.......