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Topic subjectRE: I'm very bubbly but....
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88258, RE: I'm very bubbly but....
Posted by dragontales, Thu Mar-31-11 10:58 AM
Bebe, como muchos anos?
well i don't know how i become so stupid
and what is it you say i Know?
well if i had to point the finger like bush or obam without using satellite images and spies no lies it belongs to my father and he give freely to all those who ask plus i meditate on the spirit and ask for the holy spirit to possess me and ask the lord to guide my steps besides that i have no f'ing idea

for it is better to seek spiritual gifts then man mad weath
i believe it's psalms 74-76 that speaks on destorying the wicked i'll double check because i leaft one of my bibles at the shelter
with it underline

so i'll holla in about