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Posted by dragontales, Wed Mar-30-11 03:09 PM
sometimes i believe you take things to serious
but it's none of my business.
i don't recall anything about the promise land beinging written in the bible?
so where did you get that information
according to the bible the land which they discussed was what they had knowledge of which is over seas man did not know of any other land but egypt and the land surrounding it.

yes death is a curse from god which he gave to mankind when eve was deceive to eat the fruit of good and bad
but death nolonger have power over man and the bible also states do not fear so if you fear something that means you are bound by it.

and what man should fear is the coming of the lord for it's not going to be what you or what they think? it's going to be a greater slaughter of men women and child for then it will be judgment time
i feel for the fools for christians will be judge first then the others based on their knowledge but even though i'm a believer i don't believe in a returning christ for to me he already came twice

well enough what all that
how can you teach me how to be a king?
and instead of us debating everything why don't we do a collabo on a subject or give me a subject to write about?

what you think

a baby is growing and almost all grown ha just picking