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Topic subjectRE: it's all love & part of strength for us all tu concur
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88250, RE: it's all love & part of strength for us all tu concur
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Wed Mar-30-11 10:32 AM
After all
jungle fed
and do understand
your approach on

no time for silly old
enough to grow on.

Si eye es comprende
and you've taught me tu see
mi misunderstanding'

a better Queen I will be for
more than here in a box'

surely can help a lion
become a King.

Subject II: Building us one by one-

As we all know it the finale
prophecie es in order
and there's no nukie or effort
that can 'stop it.no thing and no one

The Most High is healing his peoples
minds and getting there strength up'
the strength of Jacob wrestling the Angel through the night

nor broken hip will tire our will
to live in peace'

If def comes eye will fight til out of breath
and I AM blows air back in my lungs.

It's time tu live again.
even the night looked for sleep'there was none until the Angel granted the blessing from the Father'no longer to be called Jacob, but Israel.

there's no stopping this order