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Topic subjectRE: religios for the blinded
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88244, RE: religios for the blinded
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Tue Mar-29-11 03:53 PM
Si eye'm awake cause the rooster was sounded'
the alarm went off and not to knickpick, but

lol@ "hella boyish" you are flamboyant
no rasta' nor a thug or luther vanish

your choice of words
are just'flamboyant most of the time'love it.
back to what's importante 'azucar daddie?
cannot keep me under a pricetag

I'm passed dinero for trade nor trapped in religion'everysince

I know how freedom feels like'recall asking a preacher after a service questions about the bible and how fast I was hushed up'

from there on'i asked to meet truth and
learning to be with self then of course
you helped'

What I also learned from you pupp es life is about sharing yourself with others and not to keep distant thinking they do not deserve
how I could make a difference or not'

I learned not to sweat the technicalities'of hate and love verses evol misinterpeted, but you loved?

during the while you were whiiping my arse tu and fro big daddy' hmh haha