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88235, RE: wonderful dancer
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Mon Mar-28-11 10:14 AM
well well wales duck of england kingdom'
how you transform?you're mixed nut trails
you're one of a kind and then dry feed

why do you breed for me?
we both have loves only if eye want tu accept
truly my privi business anyway'
sure fire these es pre k wars and mi poor espanol inserts'

you can have one in love with' I give you permission, but if you are a man that is

you're mi coconut storage'lol haha ew
yo'am kidding see 'hehe hell'

listen we've gone through words of mass destruction and happiness in the same breath many times over'

why I'm here? learning to share me by means of poetry
and was inspired by Muse, but he disappeared

look him up
Muse, really great writings
He inspired me and here I am'

then ran into a new style eye wanted tu
trottle along and fell in a hug with his
stinky spirit for some odd reason'

Sure it bugged mi out and had me spazzin
and was a spell I believe by you mr.nerd midget with a glass ball?

are you the wizard?