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Posted by dragontales, Mon Mar-28-11 09:19 AM
why am i here?

where is here
do you mean this world here
standing only to praise stay clear
or do you mean here
in the VB VA I have to say here
looking for a lady see her over here
maybe then i find a home over here
over here might find a career right here
maybe high education with a undergrade school here
hear the teacher giving treachous lessons no fear
remains here in hte conjuction of the heart
beer bear beats k smart
well i have many reasons to be here
what about you jump on jump in

"pick it up"

i found table mats thought of you and a few lamps
two and brought them to you
am i wrong to love
when you have someone else
lord of the ring but no mma ring
no tan marks on wedding finger
so i'm a member of the nwo
minus the pack
and i don't fall for that
next moves tennis shoes flea fleet
sleet snow i want blow want go
with out...............

tell me what it is i need if i am a believer and i have the favor of the lord

tahw mada tsol nehw eve saw eveiced

si el frio estoy mi chaqueto?

naw i'm lost in focus 15 meditation alter mental state "physic"