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Topic subjectit's all love
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88220, it's all love
Posted by dragontales, Sat Mar-26-11 12:09 PM
more of a man then your robot boy x friend
no need to defend against what is sin?
for no one judges the righteous right
but they want to create fits fights
and turn pleasure mits to hate white
call it my light illumination
which if i wanted could save a nation
but i'm wasting it here with you
and i only have one aka
it you see it here
you fear that's why you act bipolar
a bowler without a strike but in texas on the third strike
how can you judge the word?
observe sounds obscured a turd
that shouldn't float
hope is lost for them
flushed and refuse to go down

but yes i had fun with you and ant
should be coming around to delete an account
that i requested and if you hate the name ant
then your not looking at the strength
and how smart an ant is grounded
in all fashion to mother earth i wish
that could be me

but read the title

don't stop but keep on pass
for i smeared the blood on this one with hyssop and i 'll try not to discuss politics or religion so i guess i'll end up missing for theres nothing else i write about
so good bye