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88220, it's all love
Posted by dragontales, Sat Mar-26-11 12:09 PM
more of a man then your robot boy x friend
no need to defend against what is sin?
for no one judges the righteous right
but they want to create fits fights
and turn pleasure mits to hate white
call it my light illumination
which if i wanted could save a nation
but i'm wasting it here with you
and i only have one aka
it you see it here
you fear that's why you act bipolar
a bowler without a strike but in texas on the third strike
how can you judge the word?
observe sounds obscured a turd
that shouldn't float
hope is lost for them
flushed and refuse to go down

but yes i had fun with you and ant
should be coming around to delete an account
that i requested and if you hate the name ant
then your not looking at the strength
and how smart an ant is grounded
in all fashion to mother earth i wish
that could be me

but read the title

don't stop but keep on pass
for i smeared the blood on this one with hyssop and i 'll try not to discuss politics or religion so i guess i'll end up missing for theres nothing else i write about
so good bye
88222, RE: taught me two's
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Mar-26-11 06:52 PM
no matter your sex'

still I learned not to
mention the growing into the word'the bible
or most people feel you're judging them

and you began to see them whipping you with scriptures to prove a point'barbarians they become

second thing

never allow anyone to disrespect you
in a crowd or behind one for some kind of gain and accept the 'sorry' the first time they do it

these days are of people of wicked minds
and white washed faces or changed llamas, but it's the same person.

call there motives or agenda
the'takedown' they hate you and get closer
to 'takedown' not uplift or help grow in truth, but pull you away from the word or down.
88224, RE:so you don't love me why are you here?
Posted by dragontales, Sun Mar-27-11 12:51 PM
tyson pigeon coupe knock out
beating taught two politics religion serpents
one stick

blues thanx to the most high for my health

so if they come
then let them come
come for me
i ain't got no riches or wealth

then come
come for me

oppression or is it depression

looking in the closet
a bit to perverse
a bit to shrewd
chux ka's fuckas'
call it a christ bipolar mind state
own by the state enemies of state

the choke
smart pits don't get provoked

mountians shaken
zues thunder biblical double
i'm jump ropen out side the bumble
here comes the fire vanqish
i welcome not to debate beliefs
bring a bible sit at a table

pooring out the wine out my spirit
i think i here it
after i hit it
blaming the government for the
and religion not restoring the

me and you i feel the
fill it in if you drinking your own sin
then repent i do daily
keeping an eye for a my lady

the word on the streets is i'm shaddy
slim bouncing around like a bunny
walking eight miles
out smarting the wilds
all the while it was favor

of the lord coming from a neighbor
he shows up every time
i don't judge unless i am jusdged first
but your right here comes the judgment
what is the fathers judgment
you don't like me
but you love me because i fill
vessels with excitement and yoyu see the drive
but i boil waiting because i ain't alive
dead lost my life for the word
will i stay a live
i know i have to suffer like paul
apostle shit to dye for the faith
to believe you say same name
even if you follow a shaman
sage boy stay behides jesus soon after
obeyed his mother

yeah i see your a lover of the sytle
the mystery why did metatron tell me
spirit guide why do you hide
the lord my brohter eludes
but yet i still ride

where is thy truth?

so if they come
then let them come
come for me
i ain't got no riches or wealth

88229, RE:so you don't love me why are you here?
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sun Mar-27-11 05:07 PM

there's your truth'RE:why are you hear?
after tonight I won't
need to be here.
88234, RE:
Posted by dragontales, Mon Mar-28-11 09:19 AM
why am i here?

where is here
do you mean this world here
standing only to praise stay clear
or do you mean here
in the VB VA I have to say here
looking for a lady see her over here
maybe then i find a home over here
over here might find a career right here
maybe high education with a undergrade school here
hear the teacher giving treachous lessons no fear
remains here in hte conjuction of the heart
beer bear beats k smart
well i have many reasons to be here
what about you jump on jump in

"pick it up"

i found table mats thought of you and a few lamps
two and brought them to you
am i wrong to love
when you have someone else
lord of the ring but no mma ring
no tan marks on wedding finger
so i'm a member of the nwo
minus the pack
and i don't fall for that
next moves tennis shoes flea fleet
sleet snow i want blow want go
with out...............

tell me what it is i need if i am a believer and i have the favor of the lord

tahw mada tsol nehw eve saw eveiced

si el frio estoy mi chaqueto?

naw i'm lost in focus 15 meditation alter mental state "physic"
88235, RE: wonderful dancer
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Mon Mar-28-11 10:14 AM
well well wales duck of england kingdom'
how you transform?you're mixed nut trails
you're one of a kind and then dry feed

why do you breed for me?
we both have loves only if eye want tu accept
truly my privi business anyway'
sure fire these es pre k wars and mi poor espanol inserts'

you can have one in love with' I give you permission, but if you are a man that is

you're mi coconut storage'lol haha ew
yo'am kidding see 'hehe hell'

listen we've gone through words of mass destruction and happiness in the same breath many times over'

why I'm here? learning to share me by means of poetry
and was inspired by Muse, but he disappeared

look him up
Muse, really great writings
He inspired me and here I am'

then ran into a new style eye wanted tu
trottle along and fell in a hug with his
stinky spirit for some odd reason'

Sure it bugged mi out and had me spazzin
and was a spell I believe by you mr.nerd midget with a glass ball?

are you the wizard?
88236, RE: only got five on it
Posted by dragontales, Mon Mar-28-11 11:07 AM
so lets roll it
as long as you don't smoke it
i'm tempted to

look at u teaching a lion how to be a king
checking out the kiddie swing
so i can push you that is if your a lady?
so shaddy
like your comet in star dust
poor only find sand in my pocket
and if some one would take it
i would hock it so i just spit it
the struggle
do you got a big old bubble
for real though i'm happy for you in yours
and thanx for allowing me to be me and love all of them
women a man only does what you allow?
then is he a lion
88238, respect for you
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Mon Mar-28-11 03:01 PM
and your's also
as I follow one of the commandents
should not commit adultry
Striving to do what is right'
and plus thank you too for letting
run from you.....

my spirit steel hugs you up?
after our chip n hand malfunctions

we are fine right here in distance'
I fear we would be worser than ike and tina'but
verbally if in person lol
so this is fine with me'here whenever
a urge to mention pops up

I will be here.
88240, RE: cosign
Posted by dragontales, Tue Mar-29-11 09:28 AM
A King after god's own heart committed adultery.
so does that mean god say one thing but does another?
or does he use negativity to show his authority?
any way it goes i will do as i see fit in the spirit
for the law made nothing perfect and i walk by faith
and of spirit and love is love weather you take her from some one else if she is willing then so be it?

hahha for i take what i want
smirk Holy Devil
my lord te-te
88241, RE: cosigneth's
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Tue Mar-29-11 01:01 PM
What has thou spirit speak?and it speak confidential words of
faith and follow

I will follow mine's also'plus goes the bubble
and the height of a story
high,my head in the cloduds

willeth you be the fresh air from the stale of styles read'

and my love pulls harder and abrupt'zooming in
howcome the immediate urge quenches him? and muchos questions

The holy devil...hm

means a wicked dwarf waves his little wand and
makes a wish eye get off of his ego'

and we can speak the biblica and rid the demons trying tu brings us apart again'

for I will not fall tu the holy devil'only
am I slain to a love ghost.

are you being devilish?
are there any good dwarfs left?

88242, RE: cosigneth's
Posted by dragontales, Tue Mar-29-11 01:25 PM
hella boyish yes
mustard up courage to evade
trojan american built temples
can't hold it in anylonger
the hunger
for blood
for we all must drink from the mug of his wrath
so i laugh 10 seconds ago you weren't even here
and my ego is stable pumping you up

hahahha get off lame

but yeah i'm threw with the bible i wrote the pope and i guess he's on dope he didn't even right back it's full of lies christianity?
down with religion
88244, RE: religios for the blinded
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Tue Mar-29-11 03:53 PM
Si eye'm awake cause the rooster was sounded'
the alarm went off and not to knickpick, but

lol@ "hella boyish" you are flamboyant
no rasta' nor a thug or luther vanish

your choice of words
are just'flamboyant most of the time'love it.
back to what's importante 'azucar daddie?
cannot keep me under a pricetag

I'm passed dinero for trade nor trapped in religion'everysince

I know how freedom feels like'recall asking a preacher after a service questions about the bible and how fast I was hushed up'

from there on'i asked to meet truth and
learning to be with self then of course
you helped'

What I also learned from you pupp es life is about sharing yourself with others and not to keep distant thinking they do not deserve
how I could make a difference or not'

I learned not to sweat the technicalities'of hate and love verses evol misinterpeted, but you loved?

during the while you were whiiping my arse tu and fro big daddy' hmh haha
88248, RE: religios for the blinded
Posted by dragontales, Wed Mar-30-11 09:11 AM
si estoy understand
but with amor y odio
you need tu sentar boundries
or things becomes messy

300 love
88250, RE: it's all love & part of strength for us all tu concur
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Wed Mar-30-11 10:32 AM
After all
jungle fed
and do understand
your approach on

no time for silly old
enough to grow on.

Si eye es comprende
and you've taught me tu see
mi misunderstanding'

a better Queen I will be for
more than here in a box'

surely can help a lion
become a King.

Subject II: Building us one by one-

As we all know it the finale
prophecie es in order
and there's no nukie or effort
that can 'stop it.no thing and no one

The Most High is healing his peoples
minds and getting there strength up'
the strength of Jacob wrestling the Angel through the night

nor broken hip will tire our will
to live in peace'

If def comes eye will fight til out of breath
and I AM blows air back in my lungs.

It's time tu live again.
even the night looked for sleep'there was none until the Angel granted the blessing from the Father'no longer to be called Jacob, but Israel.

there's no stopping this order
88251, RE: where do i lye 4 i will be burnt by the fire and transformed smile and be happy
Posted by dragontales, Wed Mar-30-11 11:52 AM
I give thanks to the most high
for giving me the power to help you
but maybe i'm approaching this wicked governemnt the wrong way?
what do you say;
but i am different from you for i will not fight death
but welcome him to take my flesh so i can give up my spirit
home ward bond then i shall live again
but now i must suffer with the poor
for do i really knock on the door
for oppourtunity looking for a job
would it stop the sobs
while my brothers and sister are stuck in shelters
why would i leave and live abountandly while they continue to suffer
under the hand of oppression
i don't believe in ression
for god has plenty
it's how man manage it
and i do think we all have a hand it
but voting for a man to lead us is our greatest weakness
for once in office
they make more rules laws and statues which are hard to get rid of

bless you
88252, Washed'sins
Posted by Babynoon, Wed Mar-30-11 02:39 PM
We are definitely not alike and that's a great thing'

the sameways would be leaving no room for growth'at all in no way

We all have a calling and I don't have the gift to know if you're going about in the wrong way

I feel that you are just expressing what you want to see over'and it will be over really soon'

Christ is coming back according to the 'Word and I want to be apart of the 'promise due to Jacobs seeds

Every other promise due to other Nations that were wriitten in the bible'they got there promises and now our turn is finally near

and a new Kingdom will be built I also want to be alive to live there and Christ will be the King.

death is a curse
88253, RE: Washed'sins
Posted by dragontales, Wed Mar-30-11 03:09 PM
sometimes i believe you take things to serious
but it's none of my business.
i don't recall anything about the promise land beinging written in the bible?
so where did you get that information
according to the bible the land which they discussed was what they had knowledge of which is over seas man did not know of any other land but egypt and the land surrounding it.

yes death is a curse from god which he gave to mankind when eve was deceive to eat the fruit of good and bad
but death nolonger have power over man and the bible also states do not fear so if you fear something that means you are bound by it.

and what man should fear is the coming of the lord for it's not going to be what you or what they think? it's going to be a greater slaughter of men women and child for then it will be judgment time
i feel for the fools for christians will be judge first then the others based on their knowledge but even though i'm a believer i don't believe in a returning christ for to me he already came twice

well enough what all that
how can you teach me how to be a king?
and instead of us debating everything why don't we do a collabo on a subject or give me a subject to write about?

what you think

a baby is growing and almost all grown ha just picking
88257, RE: I'm very bubbly but....
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Thu Mar-31-11 09:25 AM
How can one loosen up the'word of God? I don't know how to, but glad I cannot.

When it comes to spirituality,si'I am serious about it and so is satan serious about how to deceive the world tu bring along all he can to burn for an eternity. He is not 'joking or playing'. truth has set me 'free and you are a knowledgeable person and priestly qualities mi spirit smells you a little saint cologne which is powderfresh. I'm always wrong in what I assume one or more to be like, really, I have the worse judgement of what eye may see or think.

Anything else outside of 'truth, my hair flows down and I love to dance'enjoy life,now and to apppreciate people more.

About the promise Kingdom you asked of:
James 1:5-6
-Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the Kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?

-But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgement seats?

Babylon is worser than sodom and every other country that God has removed from his face'

Speak about anything that moves you'if it's meant for me to comment I will add my opinion'

How do you know what you know?
that's what I want to know

and yes a baby is growing'
88258, RE: I'm very bubbly but....
Posted by dragontales, Thu Mar-31-11 10:58 AM
Bebe, como muchos anos?
well i don't know how i become so stupid
and what is it you say i Know?
well if i had to point the finger like bush or obam without using satellite images and spies no lies it belongs to my father and he give freely to all those who ask plus i meditate on the spirit and ask for the holy spirit to possess me and ask the lord to guide my steps besides that i have no f'ing idea

for it is better to seek spiritual gifts then man mad weath
i believe it's psalms 74-76 that speaks on destorying the wicked i'll double check because i leaft one of my bibles at the shelter
with it underline

so i'll holla in about
88259, skippie on warm homemade wheatbread a dab of sweetbudah.
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Thu Mar-31-11 10:43 PM
What I claim you know?
Usted sabe cuándo i sucio y necesario venir limpio'and that I'm really 350pounds of lovin

you accept me for my heaviness'now allow the time to burn some collardgreens'calories?lol

Sure have a way with what you need to do and if you may find the info@ the shelter there

bless you, but I'm known for buttery patience
and a gallon of icecream'all gone.

Appreciate your insight on how to let'wisdom in and the spirits collide

how about that collabo.....

in about.......

88262, RE: confess with thy lips repent and be healed
Posted by dragontales, Fri Apr-01-11 09:11 AM
¿así que lo que están diciendo?
no sé nada, pero las palabras sólo no ajustan la imagen
88265, compelled & accomplishing.
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Fri Apr-01-11 11:21 AM
Sabemos cuál es aceptable por nosotros y sabemos cuándo romper el iceberg'

the heat of circumstance and rolling the dice'
this game is not living bye, but left

the whole puzzle
peace by peace
has come together

there is nothing deep to compose,but
my new diet before the summertime'

I'm just ready to let myself go in my two peace
and enjoy the beach for good'

shedding pounds.

Glad you can love me like this and will lift me as you run with me along the pink sands.lol hehe ?...uh
88266, RE: mad love
Posted by dragontales, Fri Apr-01-11 11:50 AM
¿significa que le viene?
¿y es que esta arena rosa que hablas de?
hell yeah i'll carry you on you back in the huck a buck
so i wont hurt myself

88267, RE: mad love
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Fri Apr-01-11 06:32 PM
test of 'madlove' affection and more ton love

where's all that you spoke of
how you'd flip me over and
make me see the stars n drive me through the galaxy'have me lost lol

well coming from you the dwarf in the shelter'I must say that we would be a sight to be seen' eww haha

no all es good halfpint and I hold you to your word'

heavy love es what you need'some heavy hope and some soul food' no more
rice cakes with wood powder for salt.


Bless you

stop being so vain fore my llama's is not
Vespucia'from Norbit.no worries haha, but what if I was.....hmmm...looks don't matter?si.
88273, trick
Posted by dragontales, Sat Apr-02-11 09:11 AM
if you say so
but just to let you know
nothing is vain
insane possibley

but looks is all that matters and plus i was playing an april fools joke and i guess you was the fool for falling face first into a nut

slut get lost i wouldn't pullout and leave it on your gut yuck
your to fk'n freaky sneaky only a father would love you

88279, RE: disrespected.
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Apr-02-11 11:57 AM
obviously we have no respect for each other
and I'm not a desperate widow

needing some sperm illed person spilling all over
my clean area as you do

I don't want to know you or need to

trust me I am not on you and was only a blessing to even allow you to speak to me, but you blew a good roll of roseweed'

puff away the dragon'devil or bel
you're truly a diseased demon preying on souls to
inject your aids into

no thanks

I'm living good and healthy an saving myself for a righteous man, never meant for you to keep asumming you are the one.

keep dreaming'peace in the west.I'm out of it.

I won't tear if you disappear and quite thinking I'm lonely

I'm not at all'just enjoy drifting off from all the deep

needed the air'so to speak, but you've come with stink and I don't inhale rotten tuna well, never did never will.

You are nothing, but vomit to me now.I see you as 'vomit' your new name in my heart.

well I met 'vomit' and rather keep my man who smells 'clean' you're a very sick person.

seek help'seriously because I can't help you nor your poems, they are all ill in manner.

ps: shyt I use to play with you and exercise my writings as practice'development, but you was on some serious ish all along, get some help dude.

peace and love still

I forgive you, but seek help.

89153, RE: respected.
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sat Jul-09-11 06:24 PM
no one can disrepect you
if you pull the rug from
there feet while
they think

above the angels

trust me they ain't

but is the motts to the world'
if the world loves you than
you are loved

if you're with a clean spirit
and a rigtheous one than
trust me here's comes the

so-called disrespect you thought
you knew, take the bs and flush
it down.

so not worth.....flushed.
89098, pup'pe es gone boohoochie hoo hooo...
Posted by Babynoon, Wed Jun-29-11 04:15 PM
baby cries
for trying outloud
everysince our graduation
from riddles to
skits and pain without

invisible abuses
a right cross to

the mid.secction
of writings to our
decease hear and
yeah, jay z retired?
and came back hard
with a book of babel

baby babylon is falling
beneath the decay of earth
hear me with your wisdom
you had it then an that's
what drew me to battlefield
with you I never wanted them underroos

You made babygirl think on
somethings that words may come
off sideways, but with another
meaning and here I'm running the ocean over the sands trying to
wash the dirt away and did so....

oh yeah,
here I go babbling a gain
babbling against

broken record

about nada
while drinking
coconut smoothie
under the palm tree
on a balcony

shouldve been on
the beach, but

here I go
babbling again

.......paused from life, so high how you been dragonking

let no poosie control your
response' say your hellos baby
don't hold back again

I hear you without an re:ponse
no need, but sleep on my
hellokitty collection.

oops nope.
89128, RE: it's all love
Posted by ASIEM, Wed Jul-06-11 07:24 PM
" more of a man then your robot boy x friend
no need to defend against what is sin?
for no one judges the righteous right
but they want to create fits fights
and turn pleasure mits to hate white
call it my light illumination
which if i wanted could save a nation
but i'm wasting it here with you
and i only have one aka
it you see it here
you fear that's why you act bipolar
a bowler without a strike but in texas on the third strike
how can you judge the word?
observe sounds obscured a turd
that shouldn't float
hope is lost for them
flushed and refuse to go down"

for me the work is all here perfect no need to continue really liked the flow and the energy tight
89131, RE: yeah right if it was all love why i'm sleeping out in the rain? yeah this country loves me? right think so it's rebel time don't think i'm sleep
Posted by dragontales, Thu Jul-07-11 04:14 PM
observe sounds obscured a turd
that shouldn't float
hope is lost for them
flushed and refuse to go down"

84 qpCxF
i'ma pretend i'm deaf
grim angel of death
you went all they way;

to da left
to da left
definitely hatred
madness white against black red green is dead
team; you; said:
this is enlightement
my excitement

" pleasure mits to hate white; fits fights
and turn
call it my light


poor old yeller hellen keller no eye site
hit the drum
hit the herb
come join me on the curb
"a bowler without a strike but in texas on the third strike"

throw away da mad dawg
20/20 someone lost a forty
down with big's goody goodies
qouting by studies
but did

observe sounds obscured a turd
that shouldn't float
hope is lost for them
flushed and refuse to go down"
observe sounds obscured a turd
that shouldn't float
hope is lost for them
flushed and refuse to go down"

where's kimberly tu te tycho said high

and what's all this about

everybody hates chris?

man ya'll ssilly......

" more of a man then your robot boy x friend
no need to defend against what is sin?
for no one judges the righteous right
but they want to create fits fights
and turn pleasure mits to hate white
call it my light illumination
which if i wanted could save a nation
but i'm wasting it here with you
and i only have one aka
it you see it here
you fear that's why you act bipolar
a bowler without a strike but in texas on the third strike
how can you judge the word?
observe sounds obscured a turd
that shouldn't float
hope is lost for them
flushed and refuse to go down"

for me the work is all here perfect no need to continue really liked the flow and the energy tight

89133, love prevails from the assholes squad: turd fest
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Thu Jul-07-11 11:00 PM
geeez cheese whiz squeezed
spelled out of stink words
from rotten pipelines

Can we wash away this surface?
please enough of the funky stuff

over usage

yeah it's 'all love' Asiem
cause if it wasn't we came
here and there to explain
why we needed this divorce
of poetic hail storms while
dtales slept outside

I still brought him a blanket
and some miso soup

so yes'it is love
rough luh, but needed to be
an atomic time

back from the dead
and I guess kimberly
wondered where the king
has been for she'll never
meat him, but

she missed hymns.

tell tycho
thanx for the
weed, but I quit
smokin the same time
you did.


turd, am I that thing or
the ish I breeded once upon
a weedtime? just a str8 up
if I'm
annoying you
forreal let
a fat sista know
cause I'm
forever eating
chocolate cake
late at night
n sippin milkshakes
thinking about
loosing weight.

bless you
89146, RE: startled not irrat,ated at all
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jul-09-11 09:36 AM
fat ass liar liar
wearing ace pet detective mask;
skin tear micheal myers' only thing
brought bloody sheets bicycle pedals
women wakes heart broken can't see her feet peddling
on things one thing two things grim
i'm not a king
and i haven't said a thing
lifes cut throat
pagan's back to burning goats
then you must have never quit;
still tina dancing with marry jane
oh the pain and ike never
toss a fist

give me more of them love words
you say turd i rather use a word
a verb made flesh sword in palm cord
cut down fallen to the ground
unable to hang me from a tree
odin secret three day theory of knowledge key
of solomon; wolf din
you speak foot ball and i was kick in the shin
wheres dinner a date with kim

never mind looks kinda silver spook
didn'y ricky isn't that his name die?

reverse corners and upon eye's opening i have 30 seconds

tu te did you send the e-mail?
i do believe you did.

89147, anti semitist
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sat Jul-09-11 10:42 AM
and I'm puzzled
picking up the

but dude has
a gun steal
shooting down
liars in his own
mirror seeing
a familiar face
him be still then
stand there

fore Vayaiah
has already repented
and you're still stuck
on butt breath
opening lines

for stains

I'm free
like it or leave it
came back to confess them
gold bars to the unseen hand
a poet of hidden agendas

still up to the same old skool

mary jane is my favorite pair
of shoes, very comfortable, very

so I walked off from the pain
and into the arms of the derranged
thought I seen heaven, but
it turned out to be satans
little boy trying to look like
a man in a skirt' being forgiving
one breath and back to anger.

Not looking for love or
for hate, but seems we all gain

whatever your purpose in my
little writers block club here
may it come in fruitation

cause I don't have a reason
to be stuck here
in front or on the
side of you

retracting yeah
I guess you were
my Biggest Biggest Biggest cannon deep
space inhaling no oxygen on mars
white flag no relief

that's ever
happened in my life
of all times

rather have 1000000 more rapes
and be more satisfied with it,
(the bleeding the stretch the rips and the screams)

than to be here or ever see
you again.....on okp shrugs

God Forbid.
89150, RE: where is the truth
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jul-09-11 02:45 PM
whose stuck?
whose fuck?
here we both are;
one's a star that walks across the sky
painting golden bars the other drives a car asking why
has this happen; us meeting
in your hood
on your block
guns is intimidation to the frighten
why do you love fighting
eskimo pops
frozen in a drop
victimize i rub out the tears in a none believers eye
i won't even try to understand
what you got beyond the hand up you sleeve
a weave still swim
on the end of a jack ass comb threw with disbelief
so your a slave to a a five pointer green leaf
why do you play around sending e-mails
even hell is more friendly
to me i really don't care who your dating
if your married or not
what you eat ot how liars get shot
you know these conversations are like loose dirt that get washed away
today you conitue with gay jokes
but love can't be provoked
well is that why a few years ago you use to use k willis
a inside secret?

poor thing no help for the wicked for thay can't sleep until they make someone fall

please stop all the madness don't invole my personal stuff you can do what you want here but stop the e-mails and the rest because my chest is even and unlabor and you choke on half eaten confessions

89152, RE: where is the truth? God knows howcome
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sat Jul-09-11 06:17 PM
surely no one worth my time
or whatever the completion of
this end

say willis' you know I can
careless who you're married to
or dating too

I don't love you like that
I love everybody who loves me
so in case you thought.....

And I don't like fighting
I came and confessed control
an gave a bitch respect

he just came in return and threw
some slug in my chest, I'm numb
there, but it's all right

and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the mannnnnnnnny
2 emails, one was asking koolaide man
if he could tell his cousin you' 'hey' for me
cause I missed being a misfit with you
and the next wasn't dier deep please
get off the weed

I have no need to connect a word with
you or a need to miss anyone of you ....

no one is worth ones time
your ego is of the eagle it CRY'S for attencion
you are so in fly't
fake that you can't see
a tub from a lake
wishing you would now
take a swim and not come up.

You are so not worth another
chat or reply I just thought
to set you straight up
and no homo jokes? what metaphor
got you on that again

everyone can be so sensitive
if you don't get something
I rather you ask me

oh forget it
now I could careless
there's no hope
for happiness
sitting by
wicked hearted

Stay sweet my dearly departed
no need
trust me

you've done a good job
really star? what's that about?
anyway don't be a fallen one
keep your spot in the sky
so at night I can look up
and wave every once an again, but

never mind.....
you're just a myth
nothing real

no I don't want you or anyone to fall and if you notice I don't use this forum to make one look wrong and the other right/perfect. We both built this shyt don't act so proud it isn't that hot in here. Actually your words melted off the board and I wish mines would too.
89154, RE: poor thing
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sat Jul-09-11 06:36 PM
See why I opted out from......

Pssssss: Are you a star?
and if you are, I will never
bother you or respond again or
miss you at all cause
I don't want to know one'you
keep pluggin something, but I
dont get it.

If you wanted me to never re:from the beginning
just tell me you are a star'really cause I dont deal with them on
a personal level'they have to many oaths to fill up in a short time.
89162, RE: okay
Posted by dragontales, Mon Jul-11-11 05:21 PM
well there is nothing else to say.
you have judge and you judgment is correct.
i'm a liar a rat a thief and what ever else you proclaim i am.

this relationship is like beating a dead horse
you chase and ask for me back just to demean me
that's kool and i still feel you are a good person
and you are interpretating my words into something
else maybe into what ever you want to hear
i welcome you to continue to comment on my
projects and kool so let it be what ever it is

and if you believe i'm a star then go
if you don't then stay no one can force
you to do anything but you must chose
no straddling the fence


89164, RE: halfassed'1/2 liars adlibs with a lipse
Posted by Babynoon, Mon Jul-11-11 09:22 PM

fine paralegal
whatever it's
your choice
and I can't straddle

yes, this is like
beating a dead

I laugh because
everyword you've
assumed I meant
by a lot that's been
said has been always

I'm right then
you will forever
sneak a hole in
any source of protecion
in fear my words will
get me pregnant with
misconstrued interpetations
such as this

you can never have a relationship
with anyone if you keep
your nose sniffing for
what you think you smell,but
it's understood

call me nieve

If I say'miss
you say' chase
if you say'missed
I say' hey I'm fine

yea I'll think

the worse of you
cause it's only fair
to satisfy our

to have our freedom in every
place' we call a home

I feel what
you feel

attencion is now
placed on something
else than what we
may thought was
cool beneath the
suns smoke

I understand eye
blew the sol out
and left it
as a iceball

and it's cool.

be out then.
89343, RE: it's all love
Posted by Sherry Von, Sat Aug-06-11 09:04 PM
in her
self inflicting


were burried
in themselves
one burried
the other

89369, RE: it's all love
Posted by tycho, Tue Aug-09-11 03:29 PM
on both accounts

reread and give a better description
i see to lost souls bound attempting to find
what each was missing
and one became inraged for what don't know
but better for them to let things go and settle

no more war blood shed or tears that way


put the drink down and have a moment of clarity

yeah it's me on my way out this country but i will return seeking vengence punishing my enemies track
89371, RE: it's all love
Posted by candyjarre, Wed Aug-10-11 02:18 AM
the title
was enough to
end the trigger

your mouth can
be as a gun
shooting words
that when they
hit can not be
taking out

these were two
writers with an
internal debate

one was angry
for no reason?
and the other
wanted that person
to see life
another way?
and not focus
on the upset of
someone you do
not know

I seen the insults
and maybe that
set them off a tad, but
all and everything
has been forgiven

the other chose to
"waste" there time
with the inraged
writer and I wonder
why they did many times then

these writers were
definately feeding off
of each other which
drew alot to read, but
knew not to comment

as it seem to be
"there business" and
no invites?

all is love.
89373, RE: it's all love
Posted by tycho, Wed Aug-10-11 02:46 PM


the end to everything to the end friends
and all is welcome to leave a comment to help those who needs help

the bible say to exhort them for that is what love really is
love is not provoked or puff up but give and forgives and endure all things

thanks again for sharing
89374, RE: it's all love
Posted by Babynoon, Wed Aug-10-11 04:38 PM
the dow is down
and the cowards
are leaving

like cocharoaches
with the kitchen
light flipped on
in the ghetto

is falling
is falling

and the truth
is being spread in

is that why you
left?cause babylon
is a poooor filthy

used up and
shot with vaccines
like a druggie.

bye the way
is a blabbermouth
and sherry is drunk
on old english.

peace to all of you.
89375, RE: it's all love
Posted by tycho, Wed Aug-10-11 05:04 PM
keeping it clean
like a monthly tampon tampas
my life my dreams all bloody perhaps
can one relax
if one has no rights
no liberty
nobody listens to me
i cried no jobs
in the far future 4 me
it's destiny not child B
i'm wild like a blowing feather
caught up with the silent storm under
dragon fly wings can i be king behemoth
if the government have sovereign authority
claiming immunity for fuck ups
sitting bull bully boys bulling me
bonks adventure i'm not a ass kisser
or a brown noser
like the old day nigger
that's over
bond on slave ships where's harriet tubman?
i'm running
excellent like a shelby in open fields
whose tracking me
tired of people stealing from me
tired of being lonely
in the physical physically naw
i truely believe it's more mystical
dangurus named God's will
to do his will
is ill reasons
but i'm starved to death waiting
4 leaving behind bar B Q pits to the palace
no more malice
wuton and chicken beer nuts
even if i live in an igloo or a hut
i will return kicking enemy in the butt
like dropping cigar on curbs stump to
make believe
i have none rage i seek love
and righteousness and if it be what i envision
oh poor wicked nation
will be punished for what does scriptures say about people placing stumbling blocks in the way of his childern?

better to tie a mill stone around your neck and toss it into the see

i think we should have never started this but it's gone to far now we must finish.
89376, RE: the'samewa
Posted by Babynoon, Wed Aug-10-11 08:44 PM
I'm not here cause of you
I was just writing in the beginning
thinking that's what I wanted
to exercise my thoughts

at a moment of stress
while love ones were
going through some
life issues

and I escaped by all means
an dragonte' was my mild
relief, but there were some
very weird or strange vibes
often and whatever

please learn how to forgive and
forget the same way you've delivered
in many ways

I am not seeking you or no one, but
learning how to be righteous and surround myself with those alike

again people
I do not care
who you are
who you are with
who you seek

or whatever

may this release
be the finish

I am so fine
with that.

only if you really knew

how I feel...we're
way off..mixed vibes.

and nothing never
started in the
first place
to have gone
to far.end the madness
with you.

Bless you-
89377, cafe specials
Posted by Cocoas Barista, Wed Aug-10-11 10:34 PM
random menu
in a simple little
coffee shop
my life is normal
so I read while
downing two ice
coffee's with
only cream
and 4 sugars

on a hot

110 degrees
and this is
much to read
into to.