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87537, RE: where the meet was set info
Posted by dragontales, Mon Jan-31-11 09:57 AM
i don't snort lines
and i'm confined
but we can meet
within gang signs
vice presidents
vice verse
vice lords
words reborn
y's do you say whatever?
when you seek pleasure
call it bed rocs
hand cuffed to bill boards with socks
my stocks drop
into mills
can you refill my inner
soul watching the ocean roll
can you twist dreads into corn rolls
so you a troll looking for bread
under a bridge
i'm a head looking for head
getting hard off what you said
i read between the i's now it's we's
bees haven't got a grade like that since
elementry t's school
far from a fool
str A's
burning the american views
front page news
here it goes
what i'm looking four
not a whore
i'm sore
and need healing
why is the homeless man stealing
my dirty draws
pictures of us flaws in the system
reading the bible
you mind is idle
and i'm fiddo
who ray here we go
had to check my ego
when i see mexican people
rather a female
on the walk