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Topic subjectRE: where the meet was set info
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87523, RE: where the meet was set info
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 11:28 PM
"no i don't ingest sounds pig makes

oink oink
the cook slip us a micky your insight on point
and my heart is sporting a hickey
i wish it was from you i miss thee
until that noon baby waiting for the full moon
to meet"- dragontales

Sure thing at a time
noon wanted to meet'
Only on line
you know the 'dancing keys'
live chat is what she'mean not
a hotel delivery
she has uphome bringing
some class

That is all that upgrade was
you know how it feels though?
As if she gave you an actual number
As if she'd asked you on a date
But no it was far from that deep
I'd never step on a man's feet

Especially on his brandnew pumas or stacey adams
I don't want to catch a eye jammie lol
No it's all kewl te'
also again lastly
por favor excuse noons pms as you would call her today
Was in a awful mood

After some bad news was given
and thought I'd seek comfort here

Mind was outtah here like a telescope
was all in the galaxy today way out
Mad at every living thing
cause I bit my tongue' you know the feeling?

You bite your tongue while talking and get mad
at everybody'cause of your own pain?

Not an intelligent vice my reaction here today
Though you've wrote her once of how
you want her head through a sword once'painful...
I try to forget that word smash you've set and I forgave

so cut me a peace of an appricot
To thee really 'Mean person you

can you go to the store and get me some
wingpads I'm in pain here.