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Topic subjectRE: is this bull or is it the shit steaming hot
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87517, RE: is this bull or is it the shit steaming hot
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sat Jan-29-11 05:49 PM
got it steaming hot
is more like it twas
like a leopard in
the wild searching
for food

this was thee
unrestful sabbath

is cause
one rather
see how's de'puppie es
doing by sharing some light
from within,but as her father
is a jealous God as like his

Got nerve of her there was no need
to be'eh
As she states it was
an harmonialsuffictator imbalance?
whatever that is
at peace she's well rested and
found that no other was out true
hurt she and was hearting her up
with respect then..........

2 pieces of gold in the ruff
she feels she is
and she feels te es to
that's howcome
she sticks around
now with a open eye for all
things just an open eye to them.

be free we
and there's no other