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Topic subjectRE: triger tigers
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87514, RE: triger tigers
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 02:06 PM
In the bake
she assumed all the ingredients
were there, but then
someone snuck in some aspartame
I'm allergic to that
had no clue it was mixed
until the cake
was on mi plate
one bite

and all hell broke loose
from pms to ella fitzgerald
all at once

King I don't have a
clue, but do......

why do
read they ask
from lord te'
and I know what encountered, but
rather naute powder it

hell I'm short and fat, with
cheerio pimples
and big foots

so we are even
looks up the cranny

I ask what'tis wrong
wid moi.

she hides
under a mountain.