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87512, RE: de winner is
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jan-29-11 01:39 PM
talking as a man
appluading as a fan
rocking the crowd
he's striking
he's knitting
sitting in the kitchen
but i pointed her out
in the chair cheering
the freedom of speech
king for an hour
her brother
took over
family god dam me
just finger her lips
wet shit intelligent
they our now three
and all things start
yeah go your way
after delivering
still born sister
turn tables provoke
jokes and i broke the yoke and it is light
revoluationary elephants
flat bush backing black balls
now i rain piss dissing demos crates diggin dig em smack int the halls you
alone figure out
the conspiracy

ooooh tell me
whose behind the mask
stop first sip from the flask
the wrath of smiling bull
in all honesty
i've been choosen
and i walk away from the squares
so why is my lungs inhailing
i'm bleeding
and haven't even been in a fight
shit last ten years been a blessing and i'm all right
white as Jesus robes
see his blood
on my sleeve
no slug
shall thou shall not enter my resting
testing the flava of ice cream
you scream
to be
mr. lover
man's florida jed bushwick
bill midnight flight syndrom
and the doom ones leagion
fail rized up in ashes and dust
i'm a mf cus when
i have to be
ask pappy
how i