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Topic subjectRE: is this bull or is it the shit steaming hot
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87508, RE: is this bull or is it the shit steaming hot
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jan-29-11 01:23 PM
i try so harded to push you away
i hoped not to remember those days
all the evil things i say
but hey

i say
i've been hurt
i've been spit on
so i vent onward

now i've fallen forward into
yo i do feel you
i don't now how
no i don't ingest sounds pig makes

oink oink
the cook slip us a micky your insight on point
and my heart is sporting a hickey
i wish it was from you i miss thee
until that noon baby waiting for the full moon
to meet

lips are stitched
shut so i look up dry snitching
you say all the right things
allah's grace
showing me mercy
why you acting up early asking for forgiveness
for what you help me
out the shit
because you jump into the bar b q pit
walking on hot coals
to see why i do the things i do
sticking with me
when i was sleeping under broken arrow bridges
and the word made my soul hard and cold
but you got threw
the prison bars
and pulled out your number to to remove the scars

all i want to know is why
did you stay and took the abuse
now where do we end up
i'm 5'6"
a midget
ugly as fuck and can't fuck
well make good love that's what my ex say

what to do
what do we do
where do we go
where away from here

do you make sweet potato pie
the kind that mama makes it's to die for
for real for real after our last
encounter what you said mdae me cry
don't know why

i'm so confused
i'm taken
are you how could that be reverse game of uno
you know are you here or are you there
with him
or you feel me
you don't need me
be free
i'm dumb
new world order dangurus minds
canada's maple life leaf