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87507, RE: de winner is
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 01:22 PM
gimmie that gummieward
I deserve applause
where is the in laws
they're fighting over my sword
I bought it and earned it's rights to keep
now they wanna take it from me
she rather be
in the home land
with love and security
bush cares about black peeples
naute a shot
so i flu out and got sick of
the conspiracy theories
the maybee's she's tryin to be
the super seed
the sperma soil
ready to soak in the sun
the water soon comes two

watch this beautiful
life we live
come to an end
and a blossoming
change is newer than none

the end of this destructive cycle
the new worlde motor cycles
made to sell you out of your
panty holes
then they want to get all the gold
share none with a demonic sum-
so in cuteness they cum to swallow
like a bunch of leeches
sucking a dicks blood
what's a clot? rasta mon
dem uh nah wan no war weed
smoke dem o crats
outtuh tha yard
hem no par

what ever they say
go your way
and I go mind

happiest with this
rum twat
keep it drunken.

no winners