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Topic subjectRE: nude a flock
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87505, RE: nude a flock
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 12:30 PM
no offense's felte
we are able to speed love upward, but
there's a hair string in our food
the cook is dirty

we shouldv'e cooked at home persay

though she was ready to smother the spare ribs
with extra sauce
she decides to fast for 30dayes'
It's best for the soul
and there's more feed.

I could get a lil hungry for thought's
and knowledge so I will keep reading more scripts too.

sometimes I feel you are feeling you're better than all things
in everyway and only
should one ask you to forgive?

Are you that great of a gravel or grain
I know you don't mean to feel that way, but
I'm always wrong when asking that.

they will then say
what does it really matter to.........? n e wayes.