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Posted by dragontales, Sat Jan-29-11 10:03 AM
so you wrote a little dirty book
wow, uh la la, can i take a look?
and the sheets were shook;
i've been hooked
on an image smoking hot
i seen her in a vision
came ah cross as a str ten line to a crooked
one, two, or three cubs
plucked from a do you go dove club hopping
sipping green te- tea
on ?th street me coffee shops cafes
i have so many ways
but after today there will be no more lessons
already broke fathers rules
can't have any followers or disciples
for i to have a master
and must stick to learning the laws
hidden in my heart
so days are so dark
some where lost long long time a go
but the fruit that is the highest love
and then i must go on
train in the mountains
of wudang china
fight club
inner alchemy taoist traditions
can i have your blessing
bond long enough
life been tough for a decade
living here in america
she's never been fair to us
and my spirit demands freedom
and the only way i can for give them
is by leaving and never coming back

but i will never c
family again
ain't like they care anyway
i'm a crack fiend
spoke from their own mouth
so do you think
i'm crack
fat joe lean back

maybe i can start writing parables if i'm capable and your willing to listen?