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Topic subjectRE: many minnies
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87499, RE: many minnies
Posted by Babynoon, Fri Jan-28-11 09:28 PM

vayaih sunduh,noiregold
light switch, granniesapplepie....
different flavoures I use them.

I've seen you by tonka only, but hey
im not alone eheh

back to the knowledge
if there were a felte
without feeling
it is found
the search for truth
we was on route
this was the connecting source
one hand turning the next page

I too want to live in the moutains
somewhere while baby loins gets
cruched for all the smooth torment

and so on......

I agree with you on this
she will
sho her fate
when the time is as 1769 wine
olde but new

and si the sin of wisdom
sounds if you kill youreself

a quicker way to hell
and return of the devils psuedos
jehovah, jah, bel, allah?