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Topic subjectRE: faith and wisdom
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87497, RE: faith and wisdom
Posted by dragontales, Fri Jan-28-11 03:56 PM
if you reject the breath of life/the most high spirit can't help you.
then your spirit is broken

in times of sickness a man's spirit shall sustain the flesh but who can endure a broken spirit. your cut off from god's help.

it's deeper then this but i'm in a rush.
remember god blew his what into man his spirit so if you reject it that is the biggest sin you can commit and therefor you should go ahead and kill your self i might be wrong i'm working on that myseelf

but in the old testiment the speak of lord of host
their for each man is possess the thing i want to do i don't do but the thing i don't want to do i do
depends on which man is in charge cardnal man or spiritual man but you increase the spirit man by fasting warship prayer and meditation

back to lord of host it also could refer to god's army for who every talk about his army they were destroyed. i'm still being guided by the holy ghost on this myself.