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87496, RE: faith and wisdom
Posted by Babynoon, Fri Jan-28-11 11:33 AM
surely faith comes by knowing and ceasing the fear of 'Doubt. My faith is activating by about 80percent a long way to go, but Christ is working on me and her imperfectnesses.

Wisdom is the holy spirit and when that's removed so will the father if you sin against the holy spirit. That detail as to how or what is the sin against wisdom I don't know, but I know there is no forgiveness for that sin.

You are a deep analyst and I can tell that you even dig beyond into the words of the Bible. You already know it and you also know that all of the answers are there. One scripture is link to many others in the bible therefore I cannot be mislead by ones own philosophy or even science any more is my proof of anything that exists.

All this to fool thee masses
ish is heading to spirit tragic.

brakes....and more read.