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Posted by dragontales, Fri Jan-28-11 10:36 AM
but one can become sinless if you have faith
translate believe?

1 John 5:19 clever
but to under stand a scripture you must look above and below
what comes before and after thoughts how do you hear the word
for faith comes by hearing. and it will give you understanding
will it not
for wisdom come from the fear of the lord
do church goers fear if they party and drink the day before
serve none and the knowledge of the holy one or ones is understanding do you understand there is only one but it has grown into a tree of life of many branches and names
what confused then begin again

i really serious about living the rest of my life in the mountains
for i hate the name jesus but yashua went to the mountains regularly and who can ener his rest for the hill is holy not the gift of a man
standing there just like the church the alter is what makes the sacrifice a sweet smelling aroma before the lord not the price
you paid

suffering is one of the most most high fruit among the spirit

i love the son so why do i hate the name jesus
for to gain control over a person or a diety you must now his proper name just like the police need you full legal name to do something and not just an aka dragontales freedomfighter yugioh tonka truck cut throat pain pill and etc. if you where seeking me i would elude you see

remember i even showed you what i look like and gave you my real name
not te or te-te which is the closest of the above


mylord te-te
the end to everybody or should i say the end to everything