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Posted by Babynoon, Fri Jan-28-11 12:41 AM
whatever the extra sins we've created or done
Is truely no ones business to know, but the Father
and is the only one that can cleanse

a mention
cause some people
assume details of another to another
is for them to know

will it stop the growth?
and who are they to judge
hell we are all sinners, agreed

no one is perfecto

just when an individual mentions
"I read the Bible" these dayes
auto-tuneatic, oh he or she is
Holy than thou' goes the nay sayuhs

Don't you hate them blindfolded thoughts, but we don't care
what they sthink
I hold my nose to them'
no use to sway this fresh air
needed to breathe

be tween
The Most High
and I

I'm going in peace.