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Topic subjectRE: the ooch invited
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87490, RE: the ooch invited
Posted by Babynoon, Thu Jan-27-11 10:09 PM
thegreenteacup is a booke
I could right, but you're
wrtie its an empty cup

on the stove
is the teapot
it twas al good
no sweat the tech nique heir
juste wanted to email te
some scriptures and not
over med on this bored here persay

then again
throw that in the junk file
im more fine here too

ya'know she made a few sound gardens
meant for what she thought was
for roy cheu and the crew, but
the outcome is holy
she'd toss a few rock guitzz
a lil sax whims

a lil dj red a lert spins
guess how she paused and why

they appear sanctified
a bite spiritual
without her trying to
sound that way

that was what her link fore te
was about
look she don't need
a ez pass to
the ouch lane either

life is forever in her mind
so theres ever a rush in
the bones nor a need for
a bang a langie
she's well maintained there

just great
to holla
at times

appreciate you
sending scriptures

and she is no saint, but working towards understanding.