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Posted by dragontales, Thu Jan-27-11 02:30 PM
I found a china doll;
and found the body steady looking down.
searching 4 a crown is heaven upward; crack ground
by words find the power amist the acustics
natural mystic birds death lives all around
flipdog a greencupoftea sounds
empty what's that suppose to be?
an invite
to the ouch
a city of holy holy holier than thou
art i be the biggest sinner
refusing to enter
where they rest at my best
two pair of pants
and a shot up vest
i'm wicked so i test the fruit
spiritually afloat
in desperation
king saul why so much hating

i'm david running against a country
in despair yhwh do care that's why i'm still here
my blood, sweat and tears repair
homeless man dies living under a house
a bridge in a soup kitchen line verily verily i say
define calamity this can't go own end of days
and our so call leaders dazed
looking the other way they see me hiding in the purple haze

clouds under feet here on okayplayer
did you hear how much have i confessed
war cries what they did
peace after peace
and ya'll came and attacked me like i'm the beast
do i make the laws or the rules
a country full of fools
that need to be chop cut down

i don't want you to feel for me
and my tragedies
these story drained me
like the great flood and two of all kinds
couldn't be save

i'm a slave
brave to talk while others walk away
he's on angel dust yes i trust
them camp out around me
lusting after the holy ghost
i boast asking the catholic church
to do the same to me
as they did to their enemy
the son of man
crucifix exerocism
this is the only love they show me

reject 10 years
ha no paralegal jobs
ha can't forgive a 1992 theft charge
lpn man hood tooken

now they keep looking to make my bonds
burdens heavy just got a peice of man
bars closing in saying i owe for a car
more then ten years ago i returned
they still finding me and all those harassing phone
calls and deleted music videos
but hey i'm still looking up when i pray not looking down below

only hose now the flame starts at the bottom
but thanks to you we got them
hit'em up

ww\ith the passion of christ
i use to hate my life but i hate this country even more
pouring out my blood for this hardcore
unforgiving demand you pay your debt but they wont pay thier with monopoly money made out of wood

but yet in god they trust
he didn't tell them or give them authorty to do this to us so
i agree with you let them burn
but i took say protect them for they know knot what the do

power corrupts absolutely
me and you you and me music is the most high to exalt to exhortate
the poor we must fight for them not for ourselve so like my mom say
i am possiblely a reincardnation of jesus spirit ready to die?

i've been begging for ten heres is it finally here

forgive them and help them see there wrong ways

peace love and respect out