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87484, RE: made by china
Posted by Babynoon, Thu Jan-27-11 11:56 AM
is americana
and who'd leave a pot of gold?
the bastards stole the wealth
and buried them in the vortex
te end to all
non believers
if you eat pork

you are already dead,
but the only forgotten son
protected us mos of the worthless

don't want to wait
give them there glory now they'd scream up to the heavens

low grade anglos
satan heard them downbelow and gave them his temp loan
no sign of love
and the Most High watches those taking the bate for a soul deep
that nig just want numbers
no love
take these riches to hell

as it is prophesied
the great judgement cometh

know the world will see the
sky crack open
and the peaceful one

will not spare the winery

they will
dye a multitude of deaths
one strike
one hand

even those they inflicted
will beg the Most High to
relieve it's sight and hearing
until it is over

and out.

how bad it will be
worser than hell a million degrees

they'd rather beg for hell as home
than what will be

He will soon come.......

and I rejoice this knowing.

life is a blessing
come te lets go swimming
or chill at a smoothie box
have a green shake