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Topic subjectamerica waste lands erased from the map
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87482, america waste lands erased from the map
Posted by dragontales, Thu Jan-27-11 10:48 AM
when do the turn a standard parking ticket
originally 50 bucks into a witch hunt
no signs but issues warrants
now it's 2and 70 dollars
do you here the dogs holla
tracking me
from litter
i know you remember the temper
in dallas
two degress but where ever i land they have no jobs
slobbs on capital hill
fuck obama and bill
i'm thrill closer to my death
i wish they had a method
to destroy this cardnal
sin call it flesh
i'm steam man
no for real if they had my number
they would be calling for child support
student loans
and what ever they can find
you call this shit divine
not really a crooked line
to the blind
so how come can i read it
how can i see it
how can i be it
my mom said i have the same spirit of christ
because i lay down my life
for the homeless and everybody know this this ain't home
i dethrone bush
no we push into a new season of heros
account balance is zero and declining
haven't been wining
since i wrote the petition
still no results so i petition the lord
to bring abbandons hordes
to devour this fucking cowards
i'm bold over howard whose stern
fuck what you say
wait it's time for buffalo solider revenge
i'm only asking jesus to bring down america babylon
but my heart belongs to jah
the father not the son because
i've will not lay down my authority
for not even my lil homie
heart rate below forty when i smoke this weed
i planted so many seeds
i'm leaving too
as i make the money to get to china
find me hahahhah
te te

my lord THe END to Every body
i'm mot tired i'm just ready for war
to you once before who so ever provokes me to wrath anger they threaten they own soul
should have rooled to canada
but i still did the rite of solomon