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Topic subjectamerica waste lands erased from the map
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87482, america waste lands erased from the map
Posted by dragontales, Thu Jan-27-11 10:48 AM
when do the turn a standard parking ticket
originally 50 bucks into a witch hunt
no signs but issues warrants
now it's 2and 70 dollars
do you here the dogs holla
tracking me
from litter
i know you remember the temper
in dallas
two degress but where ever i land they have no jobs
slobbs on capital hill
fuck obama and bill
i'm thrill closer to my death
i wish they had a method
to destroy this cardnal
sin call it flesh
i'm steam man
no for real if they had my number
they would be calling for child support
student loans
and what ever they can find
you call this shit divine
not really a crooked line
to the blind
so how come can i read it
how can i see it
how can i be it
my mom said i have the same spirit of christ
because i lay down my life
for the homeless and everybody know this this ain't home
i dethrone bush
no we push into a new season of heros
account balance is zero and declining
haven't been wining
since i wrote the petition
still no results so i petition the lord
to bring abbandons hordes
to devour this fucking cowards
i'm bold over howard whose stern
fuck what you say
wait it's time for buffalo solider revenge
i'm only asking jesus to bring down america babylon
but my heart belongs to jah
the father not the son because
i've will not lay down my authority
for not even my lil homie
heart rate below forty when i smoke this weed
i planted so many seeds
i'm leaving too
as i make the money to get to china
find me hahahhah
te te

my lord THe END to Every body
i'm mot tired i'm just ready for war
to you once before who so ever provokes me to wrath anger they threaten they own soul
should have rooled to canada
but i still did the rite of solomon
87484, RE: made by china
Posted by Babynoon, Thu Jan-27-11 11:56 AM
is americana
and who'd leave a pot of gold?
the bastards stole the wealth
and buried them in the vortex
te end to all
non believers
if you eat pork

you are already dead,
but the only forgotten son
protected us mos of the worthless

don't want to wait
give them there glory now they'd scream up to the heavens

low grade anglos
satan heard them downbelow and gave them his temp loan
no sign of love
and the Most High watches those taking the bate for a soul deep
that nig just want numbers
no love
take these riches to hell

as it is prophesied
the great judgement cometh

know the world will see the
sky crack open
and the peaceful one

will not spare the winery

they will
dye a multitude of deaths
one strike
one hand

even those they inflicted
will beg the Most High to
relieve it's sight and hearing
until it is over

and out.

how bad it will be
worser than hell a million degrees

they'd rather beg for hell as home
than what will be

He will soon come.......

and I rejoice this knowing.

life is a blessing
come te lets go swimming
or chill at a smoothie box
have a green shake

87485, RE:
Posted by dragontales, Thu Jan-27-11 02:30 PM
I found a china doll;
and found the body steady looking down.
searching 4 a crown is heaven upward; crack ground
by words find the power amist the acustics
natural mystic birds death lives all around
flipdog a greencupoftea sounds
empty what's that suppose to be?
an invite
to the ouch
a city of holy holy holier than thou
art i be the biggest sinner
refusing to enter
where they rest at my best
two pair of pants
and a shot up vest
i'm wicked so i test the fruit
spiritually afloat
in desperation
king saul why so much hating

i'm david running against a country
in despair yhwh do care that's why i'm still here
my blood, sweat and tears repair
homeless man dies living under a house
a bridge in a soup kitchen line verily verily i say
define calamity this can't go own end of days
and our so call leaders dazed
looking the other way they see me hiding in the purple haze

clouds under feet here on okayplayer
did you hear how much have i confessed
war cries what they did
peace after peace
and ya'll came and attacked me like i'm the beast
do i make the laws or the rules
a country full of fools
that need to be chop cut down

i don't want you to feel for me
and my tragedies
these story drained me
like the great flood and two of all kinds
couldn't be save

i'm a slave
brave to talk while others walk away
he's on angel dust yes i trust
them camp out around me
lusting after the holy ghost
i boast asking the catholic church
to do the same to me
as they did to their enemy
the son of man
crucifix exerocism
this is the only love they show me

reject 10 years
ha no paralegal jobs
ha can't forgive a 1992 theft charge
lpn man hood tooken

now they keep looking to make my bonds
burdens heavy just got a peice of man
bars closing in saying i owe for a car
more then ten years ago i returned
they still finding me and all those harassing phone
calls and deleted music videos
but hey i'm still looking up when i pray not looking down below

only hose now the flame starts at the bottom
but thanks to you we got them
hit'em up

ww\ith the passion of christ
i use to hate my life but i hate this country even more
pouring out my blood for this hardcore
unforgiving demand you pay your debt but they wont pay thier with monopoly money made out of wood

but yet in god they trust
he didn't tell them or give them authorty to do this to us so
i agree with you let them burn
but i took say protect them for they know knot what the do

power corrupts absolutely
me and you you and me music is the most high to exalt to exhortate
the poor we must fight for them not for ourselve so like my mom say
i am possiblely a reincardnation of jesus spirit ready to die?

i've been begging for ten heres is it finally here

forgive them and help them see there wrong ways

peace love and respect out

87490, RE: the ooch invited
Posted by Babynoon, Thu Jan-27-11 10:09 PM
thegreenteacup is a booke
I could right, but you're
wrtie its an empty cup

on the stove
is the teapot
it twas al good
no sweat the tech nique heir
juste wanted to email te
some scriptures and not
over med on this bored here persay

then again
throw that in the junk file
im more fine here too

ya'know she made a few sound gardens
meant for what she thought was
for roy cheu and the crew, but
the outcome is holy
she'd toss a few rock guitzz
a lil sax whims

a lil dj red a lert spins
guess how she paused and why

they appear sanctified
a bite spiritual
without her trying to
sound that way

that was what her link fore te
was about
look she don't need
a ez pass to
the ouch lane either

life is forever in her mind
so theres ever a rush in
the bones nor a need for
a bang a langie
she's well maintained there

just great
to holla
at times

appreciate you
sending scriptures

and she is no saint, but working towards understanding.
87491, of....
Posted by Babynoon, Fri Jan-28-11 12:29 AM
the worlde
if we are of...we will be loved

mov.matrix 3D

John 15:19

87493, RE: one over....
Posted by Babynoon, Fri Jan-28-11 12:41 AM
whatever the extra sins we've created or done
Is truely no ones business to know, but the Father
and is the only one that can cleanse

a mention
cause some people
assume details of another to another
is for them to know

will it stop the growth?
and who are they to judge
hell we are all sinners, agreed

no one is perfecto

just when an individual mentions
"I read the Bible" these dayes
auto-tuneatic, oh he or she is
Holy than thou' goes the nay sayuhs

Don't you hate them blindfolded thoughts, but we don't care
what they sthink
I hold my nose to them'
no use to sway this fresh air
needed to breathe

be tween
The Most High
and I

I'm going in peace.

87495, RE: cosign
Posted by dragontales, Fri Jan-28-11 10:36 AM
but one can become sinless if you have faith
translate believe?

1 John 5:19 clever
but to under stand a scripture you must look above and below
what comes before and after thoughts how do you hear the word
for faith comes by hearing. and it will give you understanding
will it not
for wisdom come from the fear of the lord
do church goers fear if they party and drink the day before
serve none and the knowledge of the holy one or ones is understanding do you understand there is only one but it has grown into a tree of life of many branches and names
what confused then begin again

i really serious about living the rest of my life in the mountains
for i hate the name jesus but yashua went to the mountains regularly and who can ener his rest for the hill is holy not the gift of a man
standing there just like the church the alter is what makes the sacrifice a sweet smelling aroma before the lord not the price
you paid

suffering is one of the most most high fruit among the spirit

i love the son so why do i hate the name jesus
for to gain control over a person or a diety you must now his proper name just like the police need you full legal name to do something and not just an aka dragontales freedomfighter yugioh tonka truck cut throat pain pill and etc. if you where seeking me i would elude you see

remember i even showed you what i look like and gave you my real name
not te or te-te which is the closest of the above


mylord te-te
the end to everybody or should i say the end to everything

87496, RE: faith and wisdom
Posted by Babynoon, Fri Jan-28-11 11:33 AM
surely faith comes by knowing and ceasing the fear of 'Doubt. My faith is activating by about 80percent a long way to go, but Christ is working on me and her imperfectnesses.

Wisdom is the holy spirit and when that's removed so will the father if you sin against the holy spirit. That detail as to how or what is the sin against wisdom I don't know, but I know there is no forgiveness for that sin.

You are a deep analyst and I can tell that you even dig beyond into the words of the Bible. You already know it and you also know that all of the answers are there. One scripture is link to many others in the bible therefore I cannot be mislead by ones own philosophy or even science any more is my proof of anything that exists.

All this to fool thee masses
ish is heading to spirit tragic.

brakes....and more read.
87497, RE: faith and wisdom
Posted by dragontales, Fri Jan-28-11 03:56 PM
if you reject the breath of life/the most high spirit can't help you.
then your spirit is broken

in times of sickness a man's spirit shall sustain the flesh but who can endure a broken spirit. your cut off from god's help.

it's deeper then this but i'm in a rush.
remember god blew his what into man his spirit so if you reject it that is the biggest sin you can commit and therefor you should go ahead and kill your self i might be wrong i'm working on that myseelf

but in the old testiment the speak of lord of host
their for each man is possess the thing i want to do i don't do but the thing i don't want to do i do
depends on which man is in charge cardnal man or spiritual man but you increase the spirit man by fasting warship prayer and meditation

back to lord of host it also could refer to god's army for who every talk about his army they were destroyed. i'm still being guided by the holy ghost on this myself.
87499, RE: many minnies
Posted by Babynoon, Fri Jan-28-11 09:28 PM

vayaih sunduh,noiregold
light switch, granniesapplepie....
different flavoures I use them.

I've seen you by tonka only, but hey
im not alone eheh

back to the knowledge
if there were a felte
without feeling
it is found
the search for truth
we was on route
this was the connecting source
one hand turning the next page

I too want to live in the moutains
somewhere while baby loins gets
cruched for all the smooth torment

and so on......

I agree with you on this
she will
sho her fate
when the time is as 1769 wine
olde but new

and si the sin of wisdom
sounds if you kill youreself

a quicker way to hell
and return of the devils psuedos
jehovah, jah, bel, allah?
87500, RE: yes
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jan-29-11 10:03 AM
so you wrote a little dirty book
wow, uh la la, can i take a look?
and the sheets were shook;
i've been hooked
on an image smoking hot
i seen her in a vision
came ah cross as a str ten line to a crooked
one, two, or three cubs
plucked from a do you go dove club hopping
sipping green te- tea
on ?th street me coffee shops cafes
i have so many ways
but after today there will be no more lessons
already broke fathers rules
can't have any followers or disciples
for i to have a master
and must stick to learning the laws
hidden in my heart
so days are so dark
some where lost long long time a go
but the fruit that is the highest love
and then i must go on
train in the mountains
of wudang china
fight club
inner alchemy taoist traditions
can i have your blessing
bond long enough
life been tough for a decade
living here in america
she's never been fair to us
and my spirit demands freedom
and the only way i can for give them
is by leaving and never coming back

but i will never c
family again
ain't like they care anyway
i'm a crack fiend
spoke from their own mouth
so do you think
i'm crack
fat joe lean back

maybe i can start writing parables if i'm capable and your willing to listen?
87502, RE: spank
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 10:36 AM
her daddie
that will set it str8
a lil wrestle in the hawaiin rain
on a hot day
what a punishment lol

Well well wails
just how a apple dipped in
candy red dee

what's ever so faultered
there's no perfection
in oil water we should not drink

Unhealthy speak
we give the truth and cut time
I'm on a plane already to take this flight
and out.
87503, RE:
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jan-29-11 10:45 AM
have fun
and enjoy yourself.

peace and rest-renewal the mind
take off the old and put on the new

mysic love threw words
how great it is to lift the spirit
and sorry for offending you
87505, RE: nude a flock
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 12:30 PM
no offense's felte
we are able to speed love upward, but
there's a hair string in our food
the cook is dirty

we shouldv'e cooked at home persay

though she was ready to smother the spare ribs
with extra sauce
she decides to fast for 30dayes'
It's best for the soul
and there's more feed.

I could get a lil hungry for thought's
and knowledge so I will keep reading more scripts too.

sometimes I feel you are feeling you're better than all things
in everyway and only
should one ask you to forgive?

Are you that great of a gravel or grain
I know you don't mean to feel that way, but
I'm always wrong when asking that.

they will then say
what does it really matter to.........? n e wayes.
87507, RE: de winner is
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 01:22 PM
gimmie that gummieward
I deserve applause
where is the in laws
they're fighting over my sword
I bought it and earned it's rights to keep
now they wanna take it from me
she rather be
in the home land
with love and security
bush cares about black peeples
naute a shot
so i flu out and got sick of
the conspiracy theories
the maybee's she's tryin to be
the super seed
the sperma soil
ready to soak in the sun
the water soon comes two

watch this beautiful
life we live
come to an end
and a blossoming
change is newer than none

the end of this destructive cycle
the new worlde motor cycles
made to sell you out of your
panty holes
then they want to get all the gold
share none with a demonic sum-
so in cuteness they cum to swallow
like a bunch of leeches
sucking a dicks blood
what's a clot? rasta mon
dem uh nah wan no war weed
smoke dem o crats
outtuh tha yard
hem no par

what ever they say
go your way
and I go mind

happiest with this
rum twat
keep it drunken.

no winners
87512, RE: de winner is
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jan-29-11 01:39 PM
talking as a man
appluading as a fan
rocking the crowd
he's striking
he's knitting
sitting in the kitchen
but i pointed her out
in the chair cheering
the freedom of speech
king for an hour
her brother
took over
family god dam me
just finger her lips
wet shit intelligent
they our now three
and all things start
yeah go your way
after delivering
still born sister
turn tables provoke
jokes and i broke the yoke and it is light
revoluationary elephants
flat bush backing black balls
now i rain piss dissing demos crates diggin dig em smack int the halls you
alone figure out
the conspiracy

ooooh tell me
whose behind the mask
stop first sip from the flask
the wrath of smiling bull
in all honesty
i've been choosen
and i walk away from the squares
so why is my lungs inhailing
i'm bleeding
and haven't even been in a fight
shit last ten years been a blessing and i'm all right
white as Jesus robes
see his blood
on my sleeve
no slug
shall thou shall not enter my resting
testing the flava of ice cream
you scream
to be
mr. lover
man's florida jed bushwick
bill midnight flight syndrom
and the doom ones leagion
fail rized up in ashes and dust
i'm a mf cus when
i have to be
ask pappy
how i
87513, RE: Caller
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 01:53 PM
I had one of them too
sounded like a man
must be a drag queen
so I hung up
vastly vexed
full of steam
burning holes in
my ass pants
ripped from running
into another
gong hoy
nothing new
in this world

i give up the
sheer vice
of go for happiness
in love?
cupid who?
that's all bs
so yes

all that love ish
is bs
there's 2percent
str8 out here
I can't
bare the scene of things too.
87508, RE: is this bull or is it the shit steaming hot
Posted by dragontales, Sat Jan-29-11 01:23 PM
i try so harded to push you away
i hoped not to remember those days
all the evil things i say
but hey

i say
i've been hurt
i've been spit on
so i vent onward

now i've fallen forward into
yo i do feel you
i don't now how
no i don't ingest sounds pig makes

oink oink
the cook slip us a micky your insight on point
and my heart is sporting a hickey
i wish it was from you i miss thee
until that noon baby waiting for the full moon
to meet

lips are stitched
shut so i look up dry snitching
you say all the right things
allah's grace
showing me mercy
why you acting up early asking for forgiveness
for what you help me
out the shit
because you jump into the bar b q pit
walking on hot coals
to see why i do the things i do
sticking with me
when i was sleeping under broken arrow bridges
and the word made my soul hard and cold
but you got threw
the prison bars
and pulled out your number to to remove the scars

all i want to know is why
did you stay and took the abuse
now where do we end up
i'm 5'6"
a midget
ugly as fuck and can't fuck
well make good love that's what my ex say

what to do
what do we do
where do we go
where away from here

do you make sweet potato pie
the kind that mama makes it's to die for
for real for real after our last
encounter what you said mdae me cry
don't know why

i'm so confused
i'm taken
are you how could that be reverse game of uno
you know are you here or are you there
with him
or you feel me
you don't need me
be free
i'm dumb
new world order dangurus minds
canada's maple life leaf
87514, RE: triger tigers
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 02:06 PM
In the bake
she assumed all the ingredients
were there, but then
someone snuck in some aspartame
I'm allergic to that
had no clue it was mixed
until the cake
was on mi plate
one bite

and all hell broke loose
from pms to ella fitzgerald
all at once

King I don't have a
clue, but do......

why do
read they ask
from lord te'
and I know what encountered, but
rather naute powder it

hell I'm short and fat, with
cheerio pimples
and big foots

so we are even
looks up the cranny

I ask what'tis wrong
wid moi.

she hides
under a mountain.
87515, RE: is this bull or is it the shit steaming hot
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 02:18 PM
my way of
what is
is the best
waye to grow,
he knows
she has
a thing
for him and
can't fig
out what
is going....
87517, RE: is this bull or is it the shit steaming hot
Posted by Vayaiah Sunduh, Sat Jan-29-11 05:49 PM
got it steaming hot
is more like it twas
like a leopard in
the wild searching
for food

this was thee
unrestful sabbath

is cause
one rather
see how's de'puppie es
doing by sharing some light
from within,but as her father
is a jealous God as like his

Got nerve of her there was no need
to be'eh
As she states it was
an harmonialsuffictator imbalance?
whatever that is
at peace she's well rested and
found that no other was out true
hurt she and was hearting her up
with respect then..........

2 pieces of gold in the ruff
she feels she is
and she feels te es to
that's howcome
she sticks around
now with a open eye for all
things just an open eye to them.

be free we
and there's no other
87523, RE: where the meet was set info
Posted by Babynoon, Sat Jan-29-11 11:28 PM
"no i don't ingest sounds pig makes

oink oink
the cook slip us a micky your insight on point
and my heart is sporting a hickey
i wish it was from you i miss thee
until that noon baby waiting for the full moon
to meet"- dragontales

Sure thing at a time
noon wanted to meet'
Only on line
you know the 'dancing keys'
live chat is what she'mean not
a hotel delivery
she has uphome bringing
some class

That is all that upgrade was
you know how it feels though?
As if she gave you an actual number
As if she'd asked you on a date
But no it was far from that deep
I'd never step on a man's feet

Especially on his brandnew pumas or stacey adams
I don't want to catch a eye jammie lol
No it's all kewl te'
also again lastly
por favor excuse noons pms as you would call her today
Was in a awful mood

After some bad news was given
and thought I'd seek comfort here

Mind was outtah here like a telescope
was all in the galaxy today way out
Mad at every living thing
cause I bit my tongue' you know the feeling?

You bite your tongue while talking and get mad
at everybody'cause of your own pain?

Not an intelligent vice my reaction here today
Though you've wrote her once of how
you want her head through a sword once'painful...
I try to forget that word smash you've set and I forgave

so cut me a peace of an appricot
To thee really 'Mean person you

can you go to the store and get me some
wingpads I'm in pain here.

87537, RE: where the meet was set info
Posted by dragontales, Mon Jan-31-11 09:57 AM
i don't snort lines
and i'm confined
but we can meet
within gang signs
vice presidents
vice verse
vice lords
words reborn
y's do you say whatever?
when you seek pleasure
call it bed rocs
hand cuffed to bill boards with socks
my stocks drop
into mills
can you refill my inner
soul watching the ocean roll
can you twist dreads into corn rolls
so you a troll looking for bread
under a bridge
i'm a head looking for head
getting hard off what you said
i read between the i's now it's we's
bees haven't got a grade like that since
elementry t's school
far from a fool
str A's
burning the american views
front page news
here it goes
what i'm looking four
not a whore
i'm sore
and need healing
why is the homeless man stealing
my dirty draws
pictures of us flaws in the system
reading the bible
you mind is idle
and i'm fiddo
who ray here we go
had to check my ego
when i see mexican people
rather a female
on the walk

87789, RE: america waste lands erased from the map
Posted by Cocoas Barista, Sun Feb-20-11 08:06 AM
87803, RE: can you explain
Posted by dragontales, Sun Feb-20-11 01:20 PM
critic i don't get it...
stage door closed
and no rights were given
so it was all done in vain
not out of love

but i will understand when i rebuke the storm
and the son comes out