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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83558, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Wed Nov-25-09 09:41 AM
The spit a rific the need for statistics
I know you feel like it's curtains when the illest speaketh
I'm peaking and reaking y'all got to be smellin it
I been grinding too long not to be razor sharp
Swing them lyrics like a long axe chop clean thru your vertibra
What you think about it huh
Now you got some questions what
Didn't think Noog had that crack in the repitoire
Should had the scoop first now the litter box done
Cause I'm type pissed I been waiting for my just
I'm hungry so I'm canibalistic
Beats my favorite delicacy they so finger licking
Lyrics be so juicy leave the speakers wet
And dj's get drinched straight out their headset
You need to drop a bomb and you ain't did it yet
Cause this the type of flow that get the ho's spillin out the heads
They feel that like jabs and hooks to they skull piece
Noog on the mic is a problem for anybody that think they could get me
I'm unrelentless so truly gifted wit this
Lost in a trance so it's blessed when I pen this
Please don't get it confused I'm unfinished
I only pause you can try to digest it
Cause if I gave it to you all at once you might choke
Shakin like a dope fiend o.d. off Noog that's all she wrote