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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83371, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Tue Nov-17-09 11:04 AM
Some pray for water in droughts
I pray for reign in this bout
Now what I'm talking about
Just pay attention
Game recognize game spit feel spit
I'm becoming more analytical
Tryin to find the key that fit
You could never be a master if you fail as a student
And learning a life long process
So the art of mastering studies is what sets you apart
Which causes me to wonder how the ill niggas get passed over
And the corny cats flourish is it a case of sabotage
When the deepness is replaced wit cheap imitation they lack nutrients
My man hooked wit food for thought it was better than a fish sandwich
It was a Youtube clip with them cats from Slum Village
I gave me that inspiration to keep doin what I does
Cause in the end if I keep going I'll cross the finish line
And I when I raise my arms I'll be triumphant and victorious
The conversationalist the power of words speak it into existence
My dreams and visions cast light on the dark knight swordsman
I defeat and crush wit enough rhymes to battle anyone
But to battle now is pointless skill so diminished
I could tie your tongue wit one sentence
Jab a jaw cause security to go for their walkie talkie
But jaw a jab and have cats fruss enough to concede as champion
Why you even play I got enough competition in my pinky
To stump Rodin's greatest creation holla at me