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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83328, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Mon Nov-16-09 01:16 PM
This just another day to be thankful for
I write with deep conviction and crush the competiton
You can't really think it would ease by any stretch of the imagination
This so natural it could be used a laxative
Stop wit the fuckry you need to acknowlege and embrace me
An emcee this good is about longevity
Not a flash in the pan won't dummy down to sell a cd
It's always the same way you can call me consistency
No game player this serious I'm destined for the high score
I want to be filthy and you not even know it
Cause greed breed contempt and I ain't even trippin
But go head and think you cute be in a pine box in your going to church suit
I'm so unpredictable wit the mic in a my clinched fist
It's like I'm holding lightning pray you don't get hit
It's like it's raining when the beat loop and I'm feelin it
The bars get tallied using an alogorhythm we past the abacus
The complex context content timelessly relevant
I could spit a hot line now and it'd still me smokin in a decade
It's so far fetched to think that Noog will subside
I'm conviced I'll still be heard long after I've said goodbyes
My fuel is passion music can make it happen
I do it from my soul so it's an uncontrolled experiment
It's all good watch my smoke when I roll
It'll take more to stop my flow than some b.s'in a hole