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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83227, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Thu Nov-12-09 08:49 AM
I chuckle at the state of my art form
I'm wondering how half these cats even got on
Is it the politics cause skills ain't evident
I'm thinkin a pretty face something for the itchbays
I'm not pretty but my lyrics could make you so wet
And if your brain a sponge I just hope it super absorbant
I be cringing cause it seem so redundant
It's so dead that the stinch in the air is repugnant
Then I read some ancient architecture from my hard drive
And wonder if I was on the scene would I be in the limelight
It's true I'm a recluse the lab is my refuge
Countless hours spent writing and composing
I know it been a long time but think of it as a formula
Why inject it if it's flawed then what would be the point
I want it to make a difference cure what ails
Cause the way it looks to me hip hop suffering from the wacked flu
Autotune the new drug and cats is overdosing
I know it probably don't matter but thanks Mr. Carter
It nice to know somebody share your thinking
Nah nah nah nah hey hey bang that Noog
Please get the message step up your effort
Cause the hammer bout to drop on the avil to straighten it out
And it won't let up til it's back like it started
It's like how you even mention the greats as influence
Cause it don't sound nothing like what they doing
The lyrics too repetitive subject matter like carbons
They should throw away them blueprints and start all over
Let's errect a project that skills are the foundation