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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83176, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Wed Nov-11-09 08:56 AM
I got issues wit my dysfunctional family
Love my moms to death but sometime I be wondering
If that love is mirrored yeah yeah I know she tell me
But if actions speak louder than words I think I need therapy
Cause it just don't seem like it be about me
I guess I'm selfish though but ain't that only children be
My peoples tell that I'm rotten bad to the core
I just want what I want when I want it but don't everyone
This mic be my soulmate I deal wit the hate
Cause so few can relate cause I'm real when I speak
Life ain't sweet money ain't abundant and I'm tired of working
I ain't even got a house yet
Credit in the tank so I smokin dank thinking
This a bad dream and I know I'm gonna wake up
But when I do I'm thankful I'm still breathin
And realize it what it is so I gotta keep pushin
Patience is rewarded so we gone stay waiting
I know my time coming like death is assured
And what they gonna say when I cop the Azure
The boy finally finished the quest that he started
The man now stands totally triumphant
But I'd rather hear the words of my mom dukes
I should have known you knew what you were doing
I'm so proud of you you makin that music special for the people
I hope my dad looking down on me smilin
Wish I had known him while he was living
But I guess some things happen to give us character
And the other side of any story has a chance to shatter us
I'm filled to the brim and I apologize for the depth
It's just my heart feelin heavy and I need to release
I only speak best in poetics and this is purely for calisthenics
Keep the mind sharp as a scaple
To disect to the root of the problem
I could keep going but I feel this rather long winded...