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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83153, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Tue Nov-10-09 09:46 AM
What's water if it ain't wet
What's a hot track if an emcee ain't spittin on it
When the clock strike 12 and you ain't even close to your destination
Are you ready for what's about to happen
I vow to keep striving on the quest
Til I lose my voice or I go deaf
I got a one track mind spoiled to the core
Don't even seem like reality no more
Unless my thinking is skewed
Til I get on the positive side of rocbattle my face will stay screwed
I'm lost in the judging seem like honest
Don't mean nothing cause they seem to be lying
How you really loop a sample and it's hot I'm amazed by the comments
I'm guess I'm a sore loser but at least that's being honest
This must be some new but I'm from the old school
So I can't relate to what these kids do
Every dog has it's day and I pray my day raining
Thunder and lighting preceed my arrival
Step in the booth feelin homicidal
And tracks become victims 16 shots at a time
Use the hook to reload then I'm back to the killin
It's nothing to a person that spent most of their life doing it
All we really want is a chance to shine
Some do it in other ways I want my shine from my rhymes
When the so called best get figured as frauds
I'll still have the true heads sayin go Noog
It's quality over quantity it's only takes one
So when it finally drop that's when I'll know that it's done