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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83140, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Mon Nov-09-09 08:53 AM
Turn the page who it be Noog the emcee
Who got the motts by the truck load
I need to let go
This exercise for the flow so
When you read this leave it to imagination
The beats compound it raise it exponentially
You'll get it eventually I something else
I been had the mother load stock piled
And it was all in the mind
Rewind and check it birthplace the heartbeat
Became the east coast runner ct to va
Trying to get a little knowledge played the roll went to college
But that it really wont for me I wanted to emcee
So when i should i been in the studio
I'm trying to convince mom dukes
She ain't understand the gift I had
To waste is sin so I seek forgiveness
I stay writing rhymes to serve as some redemption
In the booth I let loose the cage animal
It's dangerous please do not feed the beast
You might lose an apendage don't get to close to the speaker
The savage grab the mic and it's magic
It's over for cats that think they tame the jackal
The bite to the bone the skill sharp as razors
A gapin hole left where your heart be
You don't stand a change against N double O g