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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83071, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Fri Nov-06-09 10:10 AM
I'm so full of myself I tip the scale at a ton
When the mic in my hand I'm bright as the sun
The beat blessed I aleviate the stress
I run like hose defeat foes strive for most hated
I rant and rave when the music the issue
I rather point a pistol at your head
If the rhymes don't convince you
Pass the bowl put 4 minutes on the clock
And the 7 minute drill get it whole thing shut down
Verses in the mix like a long island
I rip it from heartbeat to the bay
from LA to miami influtrating the main stream
The worst nightmare you don't really want to sleep
cause I hit your slumber make it hard to forget
You'll be dreaming like Vanessa Williams
Til it shake you make you wake up
You'll be damn Noog the emcee is no f'ing joke
Stand toe to toe and choke punchlines get poked
Why you come so weak I drop bombs like fleets
And all I really want is to be recognized
So I guess that's why I spit money rhymes
Cause material things will pass but not knowledge
Who really the best I ain't heard my name mentioned
And that's gonna change sure as breaking a 20
MCs just too young they ain't got nothing for me
So they can have that fantasy I keep it 100
My wife told me this a hobby til I make money from it
So I stay on the grind and the axe is sharp
And when I drop it watch your neck this will take your head off