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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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83010, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Wed Nov-04-09 10:42 AM
I breath deep inhale life is stress
I quest for immortality while I'm exhaling
The result of insults to my intelligence
I blast like dirty cops
That get short changed in the shake down
The greed will succomb once the bullet gets discharged
Walking the path of circumstances it's default
We don't want to hurt you said them niggas from the bullhorn
The tear gas can't compare to the loss of a child
Murdered in the street like where is the justice
I ain't got a clue so I wouldn't make a good detective
Give it to me clear and plain waiting for the end of pain
Vicodine and scotch could easily cause your heart to stop
Channeled energy like live and direct I crave respect
So I key like a scorned chick wit a cell pic
Run the hurdles like I'm back peddling
Looking in your face while I navigate the stumbling blocks
You got to get up pretty early or you'll be sleepin a long time
Cause the early bird be downing the tequila
Depression be deep when I miss my peeps
Wish they could be here when I make my assension
The game need a figurehead killin wit my pen again
The lines could draw blood cause they spit like razors
Grab my cloak and dagger the emcee bagger
I'm fed with these weak rappers they need more seasoning
I won't stop til I'm revered
Cause the damage I could I do is dispensed through ya ear
Noog is worse than any addict I'm itching
You don't even want to tangle with mangler crush it
I got more heat than ya deepest tropic getaway
I feel a little relieved I think that'll be it for today