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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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82956, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Tue Nov-03-09 08:45 AM
I came but I'm guaranteed to leave
So while I'm here I might as well spit til my time cease
Some of us are blessed with common sense
Of my many blessing the greatest one is being purely poetic
I'm the poster child for school music
The one thing that was constant
I had to scratch that itch to find beats and rhymes that fit
Drop it like a hot pot you should of had your oven mit
Now imagine what the mic like when I'm done wit it
The bars like boullion they heavy as demolition debris
Emcee minus the degree but still remain worldly
Susinct and to the point try not to be too wordy
I'm the lost one I'm too far gone
The music ain't an option it's standard to my makeup
I'm thinkin soon as I wake up we got to have goals
Keep my son off them streets and my daughter off the pole
So the rhymes that I write are purely from the soul
Wit the seconds I control I expell classics in the present
Play them years from now and they will still sound relevant
The delivery be elegant enunciated to be cleared
Ya na need no mush mouth understand me ya hear
I pray for reign but not cause I'm seeking power
It's so at least we have a chance at some alternative music
We all have time so we should use it
The wacked become basic cause it's just the paper that they chasing
That's the reason young cats be put on
They easy to persuade and get used like pawn
Like you can make more money talk about drugs and guns
Cause we all know in the hood they abandon their sons
And the little girls learn how to dress from watchin videos
So they shorts show off their booty it got to be right cause it's all over the tv
It got to be more to the music than how these cats doing it