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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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82927, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Mon Nov-02-09 09:02 AM
I spit enough bars to propel me Trenton to Flagstaff
And you don't know half of the half
I got juice by the caraf I'm the chosen
Call me the flame thrower the wait time over
Noog the incredible played at loud decibles
We don't play games we crush like compactors
Decades come and gone still got the x factor
I told you a long time ago I'll die chasin pleasure
Music like my drug of choice I fiend for mics
While the world brain turn to mush we crave light
It's no pressure when the beat on it's pure magic
Step outside of myself pull up a cloud and watch watch what happens
Pick up your face I think it's time you pay attention
Life more than money and jewels car and women
Examine yourself and see the position that you in
We live like there will always be tomorrow
But that stray or that runaway train or highjack plane
Sorry your cancer's incureable we seem less durable
So we live for the moment stop procrastinating
Do today what you should have done yesterday
Never stop dreaming cause successes are dreams fulfilled
So if you stop dreaming you destined for failure
Don't forget to give thanks to who made you
And remember that only Jesus can save you