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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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82836, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Fri Oct-30-09 08:34 AM
I'm still the most the inquizative
Wondering when I'm a get my due I'm tired of waiting
My poison pen trumps any preventative measures
Ya nah want test get fruss from the soundboy killin
Noog the invincible plus what I been through
Make it hard to see how failing in my future
I'm excersing my mind okplayer is the gym
And these should be regarded by readers as gems
Recite it like a hymn spit it like phlem
And if the wrong one claim it you'll it won't them
Come up in the dance wit the gunja wreakin
The type of dude that that try to get inside the speaker
Me and beats like shoes and feet
I make it fit like skinny jeans on a phat chick
I can only breath classics I'm funky like a cheese wheel
You can't fathom the depths of what I make you feel
I crave that perfect rhyme that makes you take notice
Noog get you open like new foreign owned businesses
But at the same time shut you down like a Pete Rock Remix
I'm sicker than the H1N1 you can predict the outcome
It's fatal for emcee that ain't been innoculated
Clear your throat check the lines I'm offering
Accept it like tithes 10 percent of full my full strength
I ain't got time for the fuckry
I can only give you what I got consider yourself lucky
We targeting the the tumor hip hop got cancer
I'm using old techniques to conquer the outbreak
It ain't hard to tell by the rhymes I'm displaying
I come to take over like the sun when it's raining
Noog consider me a veteran
I'm a inhale and let this one settle in...