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Topic subjectI needed to let go for a minute...
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82765, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Wed Oct-28-09 11:03 AM
Why we travel down the road to destruction
Why we live to malfunction
Why we blind to errors of those that come before us
Why we figure it's better to die rich and have our family fueding
When we could live life to the fullest
Why emcees get overlooked when they spit the prolific
Exhibiting their truly gifted and the lame flourish for lack of interception
I'd like to take the opportunity to interject here
I'm fed I'm bout dead peace to my baby girl for puttin me up on OkayPlayer
I got the spot to blow let you these wacked cats know
The time of wreckoning nearing I hooked up wit Chase Miles
You really need to wait for it
Then run for the hills and hide button down the hatches
Cause I'm spittin wit monsoon force it's verbal psunammi
I been held back to long and I really don't think that there's damned thing to stop
I bombed out in college but the rhymes is a constant
We created by God with a purpose
Mine relay my thoughts through words to scru your face up
Utterly amazed I catch you don't even look like
What an emcee look like close your eyes and just listen
Well read for a minute feel the soul in the passage
I got from then to now stickin to the same thing
If it ain't broke then what you think you fixing
I can it do it all from inception to mixing
So to anybody think they bitchin take time and rethink it
The definition of Noog is No One Greater

82780, up nm
Posted by mindful, Wed Oct-28-09 05:45 PM

82814, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Thu Oct-29-09 09:24 AM
My passages pulverizing like packaderms
Lessons learned can come the most unlikely sources
The opening of closed doors serve as reminders of blessings
I'm deeper than the ocean floor
Heads need to get in the know
I'm still lost like my youth
Or my daughters recent baby tooth
I'm trying to find my way to mecca
And stay droppin these verses that's certified bangers
My biggest challenge finding beats that mesh
It's like a tb test did that bump up yet
I'm like the fridge light when I rhyme right
How you gonna see the point if you close minded
We keep pushin like a whip on E
Keep flowing like an mc
Noog that's me
This is just exercise calistenics
Verbal jumpin jacks and a one and a two and a
You can even bite it to get to the center
Self reliant but the owner be the client
When I spill over relic science
My rhymes and beats form an alliance wonder twin powers
The competition like arch enemies sent to the stalag
You wishing for the ending but this more like the prologue
Stop your blodcot crying the keyboard gettin water logged
I'm at the end of my reps
We'll pick up tomorrow and get at it again

82831, RE: I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by ASIEM, Thu Oct-29-09 10:54 PM
keep lettin go the release always creates another Release
82836, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Fri Oct-30-09 08:34 AM
I'm still the most the inquizative
Wondering when I'm a get my due I'm tired of waiting
My poison pen trumps any preventative measures
Ya nah want test get fruss from the soundboy killin
Noog the invincible plus what I been through
Make it hard to see how failing in my future
I'm excersing my mind okplayer is the gym
And these should be regarded by readers as gems
Recite it like a hymn spit it like phlem
And if the wrong one claim it you'll it won't them
Come up in the dance wit the gunja wreakin
The type of dude that that try to get inside the speaker
Me and beats like shoes and feet
I make it fit like skinny jeans on a phat chick
I can only breath classics I'm funky like a cheese wheel
You can't fathom the depths of what I make you feel
I crave that perfect rhyme that makes you take notice
Noog get you open like new foreign owned businesses
But at the same time shut you down like a Pete Rock Remix
I'm sicker than the H1N1 you can predict the outcome
It's fatal for emcee that ain't been innoculated
Clear your throat check the lines I'm offering
Accept it like tithes 10 percent of full my full strength
I ain't got time for the fuckry
I can only give you what I got consider yourself lucky
We targeting the the tumor hip hop got cancer
I'm using old techniques to conquer the outbreak
It ain't hard to tell by the rhymes I'm displaying
I come to take over like the sun when it's raining
Noog consider me a veteran
I'm a inhale and let this one settle in...
82927, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Mon Nov-02-09 09:02 AM
I spit enough bars to propel me Trenton to Flagstaff
And you don't know half of the half
I got juice by the caraf I'm the chosen
Call me the flame thrower the wait time over
Noog the incredible played at loud decibles
We don't play games we crush like compactors
Decades come and gone still got the x factor
I told you a long time ago I'll die chasin pleasure
Music like my drug of choice I fiend for mics
While the world brain turn to mush we crave light
It's no pressure when the beat on it's pure magic
Step outside of myself pull up a cloud and watch watch what happens
Pick up your face I think it's time you pay attention
Life more than money and jewels car and women
Examine yourself and see the position that you in
We live like there will always be tomorrow
But that stray or that runaway train or highjack plane
Sorry your cancer's incureable we seem less durable
So we live for the moment stop procrastinating
Do today what you should have done yesterday
Never stop dreaming cause successes are dreams fulfilled
So if you stop dreaming you destined for failure
Don't forget to give thanks to who made you
And remember that only Jesus can save you

82956, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Tue Nov-03-09 08:45 AM
I came but I'm guaranteed to leave
So while I'm here I might as well spit til my time cease
Some of us are blessed with common sense
Of my many blessing the greatest one is being purely poetic
I'm the poster child for school music
The one thing that was constant
I had to scratch that itch to find beats and rhymes that fit
Drop it like a hot pot you should of had your oven mit
Now imagine what the mic like when I'm done wit it
The bars like boullion they heavy as demolition debris
Emcee minus the degree but still remain worldly
Susinct and to the point try not to be too wordy
I'm the lost one I'm too far gone
The music ain't an option it's standard to my makeup
I'm thinkin soon as I wake up we got to have goals
Keep my son off them streets and my daughter off the pole
So the rhymes that I write are purely from the soul
Wit the seconds I control I expell classics in the present
Play them years from now and they will still sound relevant
The delivery be elegant enunciated to be cleared
Ya na need no mush mouth understand me ya hear
I pray for reign but not cause I'm seeking power
It's so at least we have a chance at some alternative music
We all have time so we should use it
The wacked become basic cause it's just the paper that they chasing
That's the reason young cats be put on
They easy to persuade and get used like pawn
Like you can make more money talk about drugs and guns
Cause we all know in the hood they abandon their sons
And the little girls learn how to dress from watchin videos
So they shorts show off their booty it got to be right cause it's all over the tv
It got to be more to the music than how these cats doing it

83010, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Wed Nov-04-09 10:42 AM
I breath deep inhale life is stress
I quest for immortality while I'm exhaling
The result of insults to my intelligence
I blast like dirty cops
That get short changed in the shake down
The greed will succomb once the bullet gets discharged
Walking the path of circumstances it's default
We don't want to hurt you said them niggas from the bullhorn
The tear gas can't compare to the loss of a child
Murdered in the street like where is the justice
I ain't got a clue so I wouldn't make a good detective
Give it to me clear and plain waiting for the end of pain
Vicodine and scotch could easily cause your heart to stop
Channeled energy like live and direct I crave respect
So I key like a scorned chick wit a cell pic
Run the hurdles like I'm back peddling
Looking in your face while I navigate the stumbling blocks
You got to get up pretty early or you'll be sleepin a long time
Cause the early bird be downing the tequila
Depression be deep when I miss my peeps
Wish they could be here when I make my assension
The game need a figurehead killin wit my pen again
The lines could draw blood cause they spit like razors
Grab my cloak and dagger the emcee bagger
I'm fed with these weak rappers they need more seasoning
I won't stop til I'm revered
Cause the damage I could I do is dispensed through ya ear
Noog is worse than any addict I'm itching
You don't even want to tangle with mangler crush it
I got more heat than ya deepest tropic getaway
I feel a little relieved I think that'll be it for today
83039, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Thu Nov-05-09 10:51 AM
Thanks for the wake up call
The clothes down to my draws
The hot water the soap
The toothbrush and paste
The alarm clock so I won't be late
The whip the safe journey
The job my family and friends
Sustaining my life so I can try again
Wisdom and grace for mercy ever abundant
For giving me the talent of being poetic
Giving me struggle to make me better
For the haters cause they only make me stronger
I'm still trying and the point is I ain't give up
For loving me through my fault meeting my needs
When I'm dead broke and bills due You give me money
Food to eat when I'm starving You never leave me hungry
When I'm thirsty You the one that give me something to drink
So I use this to say thank you for everything I know You hear it if I just whisper
In Jesus name I pray Amen
83071, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Fri Nov-06-09 10:10 AM
I'm so full of myself I tip the scale at a ton
When the mic in my hand I'm bright as the sun
The beat blessed I aleviate the stress
I run like hose defeat foes strive for most hated
I rant and rave when the music the issue
I rather point a pistol at your head
If the rhymes don't convince you
Pass the bowl put 4 minutes on the clock
And the 7 minute drill get it whole thing shut down
Verses in the mix like a long island
I rip it from heartbeat to the bay
from LA to miami influtrating the main stream
The worst nightmare you don't really want to sleep
cause I hit your slumber make it hard to forget
You'll be dreaming like Vanessa Williams
Til it shake you make you wake up
You'll be damn Noog the emcee is no f'ing joke
Stand toe to toe and choke punchlines get poked
Why you come so weak I drop bombs like fleets
And all I really want is to be recognized
So I guess that's why I spit money rhymes
Cause material things will pass but not knowledge
Who really the best I ain't heard my name mentioned
And that's gonna change sure as breaking a 20
MCs just too young they ain't got nothing for me
So they can have that fantasy I keep it 100
My wife told me this a hobby til I make money from it
So I stay on the grind and the axe is sharp
And when I drop it watch your neck this will take your head off
83140, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Mon Nov-09-09 08:53 AM
Turn the page who it be Noog the emcee
Who got the motts by the truck load
I need to let go
This exercise for the flow so
When you read this leave it to imagination
The beats compound it raise it exponentially
You'll get it eventually I something else
I been had the mother load stock piled
And it was all in the mind
Rewind and check it birthplace the heartbeat
Became the east coast runner ct to va
Trying to get a little knowledge played the roll went to college
But that it really wont for me I wanted to emcee
So when i should i been in the studio
I'm trying to convince mom dukes
She ain't understand the gift I had
To waste is sin so I seek forgiveness
I stay writing rhymes to serve as some redemption
In the booth I let loose the cage animal
It's dangerous please do not feed the beast
You might lose an apendage don't get to close to the speaker
The savage grab the mic and it's magic
It's over for cats that think they tame the jackal
The bite to the bone the skill sharp as razors
A gapin hole left where your heart be
You don't stand a change against N double O g
83153, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Tue Nov-10-09 09:46 AM
What's water if it ain't wet
What's a hot track if an emcee ain't spittin on it
When the clock strike 12 and you ain't even close to your destination
Are you ready for what's about to happen
I vow to keep striving on the quest
Til I lose my voice or I go deaf
I got a one track mind spoiled to the core
Don't even seem like reality no more
Unless my thinking is skewed
Til I get on the positive side of rocbattle my face will stay screwed
I'm lost in the judging seem like honest
Don't mean nothing cause they seem to be lying
How you really loop a sample and it's hot I'm amazed by the comments
I'm guess I'm a sore loser but at least that's being honest
This must be some new but I'm from the old school
So I can't relate to what these kids do
Every dog has it's day and I pray my day raining
Thunder and lighting preceed my arrival
Step in the booth feelin homicidal
And tracks become victims 16 shots at a time
Use the hook to reload then I'm back to the killin
It's nothing to a person that spent most of their life doing it
All we really want is a chance to shine
Some do it in other ways I want my shine from my rhymes
When the so called best get figured as frauds
I'll still have the true heads sayin go Noog
It's quality over quantity it's only takes one
So when it finally drop that's when I'll know that it's done
83160, RE: I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by HueyNewton, Tue Nov-10-09 04:29 PM
yeah, I can relate even iF my rhymes don't dictate . . {}

lifE imitates art
83176, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Wed Nov-11-09 08:56 AM
I got issues wit my dysfunctional family
Love my moms to death but sometime I be wondering
If that love is mirrored yeah yeah I know she tell me
But if actions speak louder than words I think I need therapy
Cause it just don't seem like it be about me
I guess I'm selfish though but ain't that only children be
My peoples tell that I'm rotten bad to the core
I just want what I want when I want it but don't everyone
This mic be my soulmate I deal wit the hate
Cause so few can relate cause I'm real when I speak
Life ain't sweet money ain't abundant and I'm tired of working
I ain't even got a house yet
Credit in the tank so I smokin dank thinking
This a bad dream and I know I'm gonna wake up
But when I do I'm thankful I'm still breathin
And realize it what it is so I gotta keep pushin
Patience is rewarded so we gone stay waiting
I know my time coming like death is assured
And what they gonna say when I cop the Azure
The boy finally finished the quest that he started
The man now stands totally triumphant
But I'd rather hear the words of my mom dukes
I should have known you knew what you were doing
I'm so proud of you you makin that music special for the people
I hope my dad looking down on me smilin
Wish I had known him while he was living
But I guess some things happen to give us character
And the other side of any story has a chance to shatter us
I'm filled to the brim and I apologize for the depth
It's just my heart feelin heavy and I need to release
I only speak best in poetics and this is purely for calisthenics
Keep the mind sharp as a scaple
To disect to the root of the problem
I could keep going but I feel this rather long winded...

83227, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Thu Nov-12-09 08:49 AM
I chuckle at the state of my art form
I'm wondering how half these cats even got on
Is it the politics cause skills ain't evident
I'm thinkin a pretty face something for the itchbays
I'm not pretty but my lyrics could make you so wet
And if your brain a sponge I just hope it super absorbant
I be cringing cause it seem so redundant
It's so dead that the stinch in the air is repugnant
Then I read some ancient architecture from my hard drive
And wonder if I was on the scene would I be in the limelight
It's true I'm a recluse the lab is my refuge
Countless hours spent writing and composing
I know it been a long time but think of it as a formula
Why inject it if it's flawed then what would be the point
I want it to make a difference cure what ails
Cause the way it looks to me hip hop suffering from the wacked flu
Autotune the new drug and cats is overdosing
I know it probably don't matter but thanks Mr. Carter
It nice to know somebody share your thinking
Nah nah nah nah hey hey bang that Noog
Please get the message step up your effort
Cause the hammer bout to drop on the avil to straighten it out
And it won't let up til it's back like it started
It's like how you even mention the greats as influence
Cause it don't sound nothing like what they doing
The lyrics too repetitive subject matter like carbons
They should throw away them blueprints and start all over
Let's errect a project that skills are the foundation
83259, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Fri Nov-13-09 10:08 AM
When it's all said and over wit
I hope they still be saying he was one of the hottest
I been sittin on the nest like horton
It's time to hatch the project
No time like the present I'm sure it top notch and
The current state of the game is so wacked
It's like they beating a dead horse
Thinkin they winnin the derby
They lost me a while ago skills so minimal
It's like they spit that they spittin should be considered criminal
Ain't no grand standing in court they in contempt
If I be the judge then most of these cats should be convicted
Of fraud making false statements and impersonation
All that thuggin so extra and really show your limitation
Cause you so one sided stuck up in the box
It's funny you sittin on top but talk about the bottom
Make a record how you sold dope but tell the kids stay in school
You know they live by example not do as I say not as I do
I think a lot of these cats need to get a clue
Folks looking to get rich quick I mean they looking at you
So if you tell em I'm a hustler then they gone be a hustler
If you be like I got guns they gone try to get one
But you say it entertaiment when some fuckry go amiss
A stampede kill 13 cause one of them dummies pulled a piece
At least be responsible how you love your hood
When you what you speaking getting nigga cracked out and dead in their hoods
Man to hustle not glamourous the results not pretty
And the ends don't justify the means it's killin our cities
What you gonna tell that momma when her child laying dead in the street
And the kid that did said he trying to be like his favorite emcee

83328, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Mon Nov-16-09 01:16 PM
This just another day to be thankful for
I write with deep conviction and crush the competiton
You can't really think it would ease by any stretch of the imagination
This so natural it could be used a laxative
Stop wit the fuckry you need to acknowlege and embrace me
An emcee this good is about longevity
Not a flash in the pan won't dummy down to sell a cd
It's always the same way you can call me consistency
No game player this serious I'm destined for the high score
I want to be filthy and you not even know it
Cause greed breed contempt and I ain't even trippin
But go head and think you cute be in a pine box in your going to church suit
I'm so unpredictable wit the mic in a my clinched fist
It's like I'm holding lightning pray you don't get hit
It's like it's raining when the beat loop and I'm feelin it
The bars get tallied using an alogorhythm we past the abacus
The complex context content timelessly relevant
I could spit a hot line now and it'd still me smokin in a decade
It's so far fetched to think that Noog will subside
I'm conviced I'll still be heard long after I've said goodbyes
My fuel is passion music can make it happen
I do it from my soul so it's an uncontrolled experiment
It's all good watch my smoke when I roll
It'll take more to stop my flow than some b.s'in a hole

83371, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Tue Nov-17-09 11:04 AM
Some pray for water in droughts
I pray for reign in this bout
Now what I'm talking about
Just pay attention
Game recognize game spit feel spit
I'm becoming more analytical
Tryin to find the key that fit
You could never be a master if you fail as a student
And learning a life long process
So the art of mastering studies is what sets you apart
Which causes me to wonder how the ill niggas get passed over
And the corny cats flourish is it a case of sabotage
When the deepness is replaced wit cheap imitation they lack nutrients
My man hooked wit food for thought it was better than a fish sandwich
It was a Youtube clip with them cats from Slum Village
I gave me that inspiration to keep doin what I does
Cause in the end if I keep going I'll cross the finish line
And I when I raise my arms I'll be triumphant and victorious
The conversationalist the power of words speak it into existence
My dreams and visions cast light on the dark knight swordsman
I defeat and crush wit enough rhymes to battle anyone
But to battle now is pointless skill so diminished
I could tie your tongue wit one sentence
Jab a jaw cause security to go for their walkie talkie
But jaw a jab and have cats fruss enough to concede as champion
Why you even play I got enough competition in my pinky
To stump Rodin's greatest creation holla at me

83466, RE: I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Fri Nov-20-09 11:04 AM
Words from the desk of the ominious
The black out the wait if you want to
This the calm before the storm
We got a mix tape due out
Then once we bash you in the skull wit the new stuff
We gonna come back and hit you repetitive
O.D. on a sedative eyes wide shut
And we been had the goods but you ain't never been ready
I guess it got to be done
If we keep waiting on y'all it will never happen
So I feel it's time to let the plunger drop
Blow the thing to smitherines
We not responsible for the fiends
But we got the supply to dope a nation
I'm talking coast to coast whatever you need
You can count on scruface music
Out of the ordinary unconventional
Not to be confused cause we don't sound like no other
Noog find me an emcee greater
And we can take it to the toe to toe
See who get the more hos and twisted faces
That's our whole mission pay attention
This that make a super model look like she swallowed a minnow
You ain't got a chance tanglin wit jabber jaw
Keep the hate to yourself cause a diss would look stupid
Good still good no matter how you cut it
And if you cut me to the bone I'd still rhyme better than you thought
83522, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Mon Nov-23-09 01:30 PM
Patience produces fire I'm constantly concocting
The combination of beats and rhymes cause a chemical reaction
I never see the ending til I'm permanently checkin my eyelids
And since tomorrow never promised this a daily operation
I crave for acceptance but I was before my time decades ago
Now I'm trying to figure out an excuse they could give me so
Is it too raw thinking a freeze will make you od
Turn you into fiend for the N double O g
I can empathize cause basically I realize
Life can be a trip when you so absorbed by one thing
I apologize but my fingers crossed behind my back
Hi I'm Pinnochio and this music like crack
I know you want to try it
I am peer pressure you ain't cool if you don't listen
Everybody else is and you the only one who ain't fittin in
Try it just a hook and I'm sure you'll want a verse
Then the hook and another verse hook and another verse
I got you scouring the internet looking for that next hit
Or you could just go to facebook and become a fan of it
Let the world know that you know exactly what you know
That Noog is that beast that do damage to beats
The flow like immaculate conception I write in a trance
And my man play it back I'm like did I do that
But I'm cooler than Erkle bang hard enough to give you whiplash
It don't really stop when you been hit wit that ScruFace

83558, I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by Noog, Wed Nov-25-09 09:41 AM
The spit a rific the need for statistics
I know you feel like it's curtains when the illest speaketh
I'm peaking and reaking y'all got to be smellin it
I been grinding too long not to be razor sharp
Swing them lyrics like a long axe chop clean thru your vertibra
What you think about it huh
Now you got some questions what
Didn't think Noog had that crack in the repitoire
Should had the scoop first now the litter box done
Cause I'm type pissed I been waiting for my just
I'm hungry so I'm canibalistic
Beats my favorite delicacy they so finger licking
Lyrics be so juicy leave the speakers wet
And dj's get drinched straight out their headset
You need to drop a bomb and you ain't did it yet
Cause this the type of flow that get the ho's spillin out the heads
They feel that like jabs and hooks to they skull piece
Noog on the mic is a problem for anybody that think they could get me
I'm unrelentless so truly gifted wit this
Lost in a trance so it's blessed when I pen this
Please don't get it confused I'm unfinished
I only pause you can try to digest it
Cause if I gave it to you all at once you might choke
Shakin like a dope fiend o.d. off Noog that's all she wrote
83587, RE: I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by hellokittyslut, Fri Nov-27-09 10:00 PM
Keep up the good work ;-)

Im still waiting for 30
83566, RE: I needed to let go for a minute...
Posted by PhotoSynthesis, Wed Nov-25-09 07:05 PM
I haven't read thru this "whole" thread ... but what I've read is kinda nice -- :)

Allow me to take the time to WELCOME you ... and also ... to suggest that you post separate threads periodically, so we can read and enjoy your work in small bites/bytes ... instead of havin' to swallow the WHOLE thing in ONE sitting, yaknow? -- (considering you're new and all)

I have a feeling you like looking at your work ... posted on this board ... and I ain't mad atcha for that, cuz it is somewhat impressive.

...but feel free to start a NEW thread for reading consideration.

and again ...